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Bullhorn Engage London 2019 Ultimate Recap

By September 12, 2019News, Recruitment, Technology

For recruitment and technology experts looking for new connections, inspiration, and insights, Bullhorn Engage London 2019 must be near the top of anyone’s list – and this year proved to be an exceptional event, with more than 1000 attendees and 50 speakers. Here’s a quick recap: 

DAY 1 – TUESDAY, September 10th, 2019

Baroness Karren Brady CBE’s Keynote Presentation

Baroness Karren Brady CBE opened the conference with her inspirational keynote presentation. Baroness Brady walked the audience through her ground-breaking career in business. Soon after taking control of Birmingham Football Club, aged just 23, she was told, “you’ll have to be twice as good as the men to be seen as half as good,” which she has completely dismantled with her successful career. Since 1993, Baroness Brady has been building an illustrious career in politics, sports, and television.

Baroness Karren Brady’s 6 Keys to Success:

  1. Leadership. A true leader should focus on vision, not management. Leadership is based on how you behave when you don’t know what to do.
  2. Ambition. The toughest thing about success is keeping it consistent. Ambitious people push the boundaries because they are not afraid to fail.
  3. Determination. You will get knocked down, but you must be tough and get back up. Bouncing back after a failure is vital to success.
  4. Attitude. If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.
  5. Direction. People working with Karen spend their first day with her. She reveals integrity in her work upfront to ensure that she sends anyone who works for her in the right direction.
  6. Be positive. Success comes from hanging on when everyone else has let go.

Following the keys to success, Baroness Brady sat down with Peter Linas, Bullhorn EVP Corporate Development and International, to participate in an enlightening fireside chat. He started by asking her if she had ever felt regret by not attending university. She said that she never felt inferior because she didn’t attend, but she admits it was a different time. As a result, she evaluates candidates in the hiring process without focusing too much on their educational background. When questioned about the biggest barriers for women, she revealed the problems with wages and access to affordable childcare.

To close the interview, Linas asked Baroness Brady about the one interview question she would ask someone when she is building out a new team. She replied, “Tell me something about my business that I don’t already know.”

Marketplace Speed Pitch

During the Marketplace Speed Pitch session, hosted by Bullhorn’s Shaun Weise, Marketplace Partners had 2 minutes each to pitch their solutions for recruitment agencies. Thanks to Bullhorn’s open ecosystem design, users can customize their experience by adding various marketplace partners, filling the spaces where Bullhorn is not. Here you can watch the full 2-minute speed pitch for CloudCall:

Diversity and Inclusion: Culture as a Business Driver

Panellists James Johnson (Nicoll Curtin), Emily Swanborough (Allegis Group Limited), and Ben Hewlett (Granger Reis), hosted by Bullhorn’s Dominic Herbert, were asked about learning moments based on their personal experiences involving diversity and inclusion. After doing extensive research, Johnson revealed that he accomplished a nearly even split in male/female management. This fundamental change in his business was inspired by the need for gender diversity to drive success. Johnson also suggests business leaders move diversity from being only morally correct to business-critical.

Swanborough also evaluated the lack of women in leadership at her company. By focusing on people management, especially women in sales management roles, she helped her business to increase the number of women in leadership seats. Balancing the pressures to perform and diversify can put stress on a large company. Building a diverse team takes time, which is sometimes a barrier for leaders to diversify their business.

Hewlett revealed that his business faced a culture problem. To alleviate this, he launched a program to recalibrate the entire business. He advised the audience to be patient and take the time to identify what the business needs in order to be successful.

To overcome issues alongside diversity and inclusion, Hewlett says we need to start by having the conversations surrounding them. As it turns out, diverse companies are more profitable.

Day 1 closed with the official Engage Party, sponsored by CloudCall.

DAY 2 – WEDNESDAY, September 11th, 2019

Keynote from Bullhorn CEO and Founder, Art Papas

Art Papas, Bullhorn CEO used his keynote presentation to talk about Bullhorn’s 20th Anniversary and outline the status of the industry as well as predictions for the future.  He talked about how technology has so often been predicted to end the recruitment profession, but how recruitment continues to be a vital and very human-centric part of the economy. 

Given the uncertainty in global markets, he predicts that we will experience a different economic climate in the world by 2030, but one that will be enhanced by exciting technology. 

Art Papas takes the presentation forward with advice sent back from his future self, including key ideas around regulation and communication. As data becomes more valuable, regulations will increase, and more legislation will be inevitable. Future winners will be those who can engage and market to people by having conversations and building trust. 

Setting Your Business Apart with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Brian Cunningham (Allen Recruitment), Ben Broughton (Premier Group), Alex Roberts (Petroplan), and Matt Gayleard (CloudCall) joined Bullhorn’s Nina Eigerman for an insightful panel on the possibilities of building out your tech stack.

Tech specialists are no longer the sole decision-makers when it comes to choosing new software. As a result, business leaders are forced to take a closer look at their tech stack. Panellists warn that if you are not looking at new tools every 6-8 months then you are going to fall behind your competitors.

Successful businesses are constantly evolving and evaluating the technology they use in their everyday workflows. Let the tech stack automate the processes that are necessary, but let it step aside for humans to have real conversations.

Day 2 Closed out with a comedy performance by Jake Lambert.

CloudCall, proud Marketplace Partner and platinum sponsor, is already looking forward to next year’s Engage!

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