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Event Excitement – T-minus 5 days until Dreamforce!

By September 10, 2015Sales

Dreamforce is next week! Like Lorraine, I will be a first-time attendee to Dreamforce, and I can’t wait. Unlike Lorraine (who spoke about all of the partner-related events and activities on last week’s blog post about she’s most looking forward to about Dreamforce, last week), I’ll be heading to Dreamforce with a different focus in mind.

What am I most excited about for the event?

An event such as Dreamforce offers great opportunities to meet a variety of people – people in communities that you may have joined and connected with, on Linkedin, for example. In my case, these include the Dreamforce 2015 and Salesforce.com Boston User Group. With discussions about who’ll be heading to Dreamforce, as well as tips from those who have been before – these groups  have been a fantastic resource in helping me understand exactly what to expect from the event. I’ll be hoping to meet some of the members of these groups, along with members of the SFDC Success Community – it’ll be great to put a face to the name of the people that you see within the community!

While I’m at Dreamforce, I will be hoping to attend a few keynotes and sessions based around partnerships, ISVs, Customer Success and any keynotes and sessions that relate to the future of Salesforce.com – in between meeting with potential prospects, customers and partners, of course. One of these keynotes is the Sales Cloud Keynote – Lightning Experience: A New Salesforce. A New Way to Sell. With the new Lightning release, I hope that attending this keynote will provide me with insights that will help me maintain my sales edge – thanks Salesforce!

Having attended the Salesforce World Tours in Boston and New York, attending Dreamforce is an important step for me. At these earlier events, I gained an increasing awareness of the market and of the objectives and problems that businesses continue to encounter. It was clear that by far the biggest challenge that businesses faced was not about getting more information or data, but how to deal with the data that they do have. Working for a company like SYNETY whose product, CloudCall, enables businesses to better manage their customer and prospect interactions and therefore, their data; this knowledge is beneficial in helping us tailor our knowledge and solution to help them overcome this challenge.

Even though I haven’t been to Dreamforce, I do have a helpful tip to offer. Always schedule any follow-ups while you’re at the event, when your prospect is available, in person. I’m sure that many of my fellow sales executives have experienced the challenge of connecting with the prospects, customers and partners who may have wanted demos and trials during the event, but found it difficult to connect with them, post-event – so it’s best to make sure that you schedule a follow-up, while you’re both in the same place!

I’ll be spending much of my time in the Press Club with our partner, Jobscience. To find out how you can solve your data challenges, why not drop by or schedule a meeting with me on http://www.jobscience.com/dreamforce-2015/. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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