CloudCall In-Call Consent for GDPR

Ease regulatory compliance with every phone call.

Automatically view consent status for inbound and outbound calls, and record verbal consent when needed. View status reports for individuals or your full database in just a few clicks.

See In-Call Consent in Action.

Ease regulatory compliance with every phone call.

CloudCall In-Call Consent is a free, selectable feature designed to be included in your regulatory compliance process.

Upon clicking to call, or answering an inbound call, In-Call Consent automatically displays the current consent status of the client or candidate via a simple red-yellow-green “traffic light” indicator and message. If consent has not yet been secured, your agent is presented with your customized script to request the candidate’s agreement.

Monitoring and securing consent could not be easier.

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Key Benefits

Consistent Approach to Capturing Consent

Every phone call is a means to verifying or securing your client’s agreement to hold personal details, using your own standardized script.

Defensible Record Proving Consent

Both the request for consent and the candidate’s response is recorded, time stamped and stored for easy retrieval – far more defensible than a tick box in your CRM.

Fits Your Current Workflows

There is no need to create new processes; In-Call Consent is built into your user interface for both outbound and inbound calls.

Early Warning for Consent Expiration

Your policy for holding personal data is automatically monitored, and your agents are alerted in advance when candidates’ consent are nearing their expiration dates.

Clear Picture of Your Compliance

A few clicks provides you with a consent report for your entire database, and the ability to drill down on specific individuals. No guesswork on your risk of non-compliance.

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CloudCall In-Call Consent is available for the following CRMs:

• Bullhorn
• Salesforce
• Browser-based CRMs via the CloudCall Chrome plugin