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Gen Z and Millennials: what gets their attention?

Reaching and getting the attention of the younger generations is no easy task. There’s no doubt that their use of technology is vastly different to that of older generations. Gen Z, in particular, have spent the majority of their lives surrounded by technology. This shift has transformed the way they want companies to contact them.  

By listening to what customers what, you can expect higher levels of engagement.

Communication methods such as email are not being used as frequently by Millennials and Gen ZWhile they are social and like communicating with others, it has to be in a way that makes them feel comfortable, this includes receive phone calls from numbers they recognise and emailing under the right circumstances. 

It might seem like a lot of work to correctly communicate with this demographic, but if you don’t, they are likely to bypass your business entirely. And seeing as their combined spending power is nearly $3 trillion, that’s a big market to be missing out on.  

So how can you ensure you choose the best method of communication?  

Here are some insightful stats from our Art of Conversation research: 

  • 76% of under 40s want to do everything from their smartphone. 
  • 48% of under 40s have gone online to browse or buy from retailers in response to a call or message to their mobile.  
  • Among under 40s, 51% turn first to their mobile when they need to contact a business.   

Key takeaways 

Our results prove that most of Millennials and Gen Z would rather use their mobiles to make and receive communications with businesses. Other platforms remain effective, however, if you are not optimising everything for mobile users or making the most of phone and text message communications, you will be missing out on a valuable market of younger people. Read our recent blog on how to engage with customers via mobile. 

To learn more about the needs and frustrations of your customers by downloading the full research report. 

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