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How CloudCall adds value to your business with Jonathan Croft

By December 10, 2020Communications, Product

As technology improves and we change the way we are working, the world of telephony is constantly evolving. Thanks to this progress, phone systems are now able to do so much more than simply making and receiving calls.

Cloudcall’s Director of Sales for North America, Jon Croft, is fully aware of this. On a daily basis he is learning about the challenges our prospective customers are encountering, and how CloudCall can fit into their strategy for overcoming them.  One area where Jon knows we stand out from competitors is our powerful integration with CRM systems.

CloudCall’s integration means every interaction, whether it’s a call or SMS, is automatically saved along with notes and a recording of the call. This information is all saved into the same place, making it easy to view by anyone in the business, and can be transformed into insight to help improve business processes.

“You have some of the big players out there that can do to telephony cheaply, and they can get their customers up and running very quickly. But that’s where it stops. That’s where it ends. That’s where we do things differently. And that’s where we’re succeeding.”

Not only does our integration allow for seamless data capture, our deep integration allows for many great features which are built to make life easier. Click-to-dial allows any number in the CRM to be called with just the click of a mouse. While inbound screen-pop ups bring up everything you need to know about a contact before you’ve even answered the phone.

“What we’ve done is built upon that core competency and really provided value in an area where frankly it’s tough to prove value.”

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do, because we know our success is defined by our customer’s success. That’s why we’ve built our communications tool in a way that elevates our customer’s business and enhances the effectiveness of your 360-communication strategy.

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