How you can make more quality calls with CloudCall & OneUp Sales

How CloudCall and OneUp Sales can help you make more quality calls

Enter CloudCall

CloudCall was specifically designed with Salespeople in mind. CloudCall helps businesses like yours, turn communications into intelligent data that will enable you to get more done, faster.

Are you looking for:

  • Greater sales results and insights into how your team is performing?
  • More integration between your phone and your CRM system?
  • An increase in functionality, to give your team more time to focus on selling?

What if that data from the CRM integration could be easily combined and presented in the office?

Clear dashboards for all users, showing activity, results and KPIs, with prizes, incentives and commission on show to create healthy competition and driving greater sales.

Get OneUp on the competition

Systems like OneUp Sales help teams transform mundane work tasks into exciting challenges against each other and the whole team.

We have lots of customers doing this already. They’re integrating CloudCall with their CRM and phone system to unlock their data.

This data is then used by OneUp Sales, to be able to further encourage and empower Sales Teams to have more meaningful customer conversations.

Teams are using Click to Dial from the CRM, the calls are being recorded and stored in the CRM and using CloudCall’s functionality and data to feed into OneUp Sales, presenting the data in an easy-to-understand and fun form, on TV screens around the office as part of a weekly contest.

Coming out of the pandemic, whether your team are returning to the office, or continuing to work from home, it’s never been more important to motivate your team, have visibility of interactions in real-time and to bring some fun back into the workplace.

Now’s the time to up your game with OneUp Sales and CloudCall. Adding value to your CRM, delivering greater productivity and providing invaluable insights from your data.

Ian Moyse, CRO at OneUp Sales recently spoke to us about the importance of quality calls. Take a look here.

Find out more about what CloudCall’s integrations can offer your business here. For more info on OneUp Sales, click here.

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