How Finegreen Associates boosted customer experience with CloudCall

How CloudCall helped Finegreen Associates boost customer experience

Finegreen had a few roadblocks. They searched high and low for an intelligent system that would move those roadblocks aside. They found us! With a full integration into Profile by Access, their CRM system, we were a match made in heaven.

Finegreen were struggling with time-consuming manual call recording and were reliant on external (and expensive) reporting software. They needed a cost-effective system that allows for in-depth reporting and automatic call recording.

After looking around for a solution that was cost effective and integrated with Profile by Access, they discovered yours truly. We built the perfect solution for Finegreen – a strong integration into their CRM system, that automatically stored call recordings in the cloud, and were accessible through Profile by Access. This saves them valuable time while also increasing visibility for management.

Reporting is important. So is cost management. With in-built, in-depth reporting we dramatically cut Finegreen’s costs. Our all-in-one solution provided management with intelligent business insight from real-time reports.

Since Finegreen began using the CloudCall platform they have also seen improvements in their customer service. Customers can select options to have their call directed quickly and accurately with Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This, alongside better management of data resulted in a more professional approach for the business.

With CloudCall, they will see continued growth without compromising their values. Finegreen are confident that their partnership with us will assist them in placing the best candidates on the market.

Realised you need fully integrated telephony, that syncs directly back into your CRM system? Why not request a call back to discover how we can help your business thrive. You can find more customer stories here.

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