How CloudCall Helped Connexion Increase Candidate Response Rates

How CloudCall SMS helped Connexion increase candidate response rates

When looking for a telephony integration, Dan Cushing, Managing Partner at Connexion, knew that improving the candidate and employee experience was their top priority. Recruiters using our platform are able to make placements faster by increasing the quality of important conversations with candidates by SMS.  

Dan reveals the benefits of integrated communications for his team saying, “It’s fully integrated and it works, that’s why it won out.” His team loves CloudCall because everything they do integrates directly into Bullhorn. 

SMS conversations between Connexion recruiters and their candidates are stored in Bullhorn as full conversations in one frame. This makes it easier to find valuable information about candidates, without having to search through lots of notes. With CloudCall SMS, Connexion recruiters can call or text candidates using the same number (one that is dedicated to each recruiter), without leaving Bullhorn. 

By staying connected with the CloudCallGo! Mobile app, Connexion recruiters can work from anywhere at any timethey can now easily place candidates if they are at the kitchen table or on the go. Connexion’s tech-savvy recruiters have been quick to embrace the SMS solution we offer. Everyone is able to use the feature along with work phone number and access it through CloudCallGo! for Bullhorn. 

“We used to have the problem that clients would text back to us on our landline and we couldn’t respond,” Dan recalls, “we’d have our reps messaging them back from a personal mobile number they wouldn’t recognize, it was ridiculous.” 

A Gartner report estimates that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, while response rates can reach up to 45% – this is significantly higher than the figures for email messages. By communicating faster and increasing response rates, Connexion finds the right candidates and get them placed quickly.   

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