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How is technology helping you meet your goals?

By September 9, 2019Technology
How Is Technology Helping You Meet Your Goals?

Take a closer look at your company’s digital ecosystem to discover how technology can help meet your goals. Once you’ve figured out your challenges, you can leverage technology to track company information, empower remote workers, sync conversations on mobile, and upskill recruiters.  

Track every piece of company information 

Information enters your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software from different sources across your business. However, if information is not captured in the CRM, it didn’t happen. Different sources of information include emails, timesheets, marketing activities, and more. Capture and manage your data to make strategic business decisions. In order to gain insights from all interactions, it is important that all information is housed in the CRM 

meet your goals ecosystem

Include the customer in the buying decision 

To ensure the right technology is implemented in your business, include your customer in the buying decision. Ask customers how new technology in your business will impact them directly. By bringing on the customer during the technology buying decision, you can meet their expectations throughout the entire customer journey.  

Empower remote workers while maintaining control of your business  

For remote talent to be successful, it’s important to monitor and manage performance. Create an environment that increases true visibility into remote activity in order to maintain control of your business. This environment could include a digital dashboard to track individual or team activities, etc.  

Use mobile applications to sync conversations 

Recruiters love using their mobile devices to make calls while on the go. Unfortunately, if a recruiter uses their personal phone to reach work contacts and they decide to leave your business, they can potentially bring their clients and candidates straight to the competition. Resolve this issue by implementing a communications platform with a mobile application that allows users to sync all mobile device conversations back into the tech stack.  

Upskill recruiters with ongoing training 

One common mistake many businesses make is not investing enough in training. Instead, it’s important to add training beyond initial sessions to ensure user adoption. With proper ongoing training, you’re constantly upskilling your workforce. Consistent training will ensure that you are getting ROI on the technology you’ve invested in. Start today by booking a session for training at least once a month to make sure that you are getting the most out of your technology stack.   

This article was adapted from MembersOnly The Retreat presentation, “How Technology is Helping You Meet Your Goals”. Learn more about this gathering on the MembersOnly site here.   

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