How the Officeworks recruitment team increased their productivity

How Officeworks increased the productivity of their recruitment team

OfficeWorks needed something new, something a bit special, that would increase productivity and kickstart growth. They were looking for a clever bit of software that integrated into Bullhorn and that would help their teams provide the same extraordinary customer service, quality, and speed they provide to their clients every day.

Enter CloudCall.

When we spoke with OfficeWorks Marketing Manager, Greg Valenzuela, it was clear that they wanted to coach their teams on best practices and improve the quality of every interaction with customers.

Managers can help during difficult conversations by giving guidance during a call using CloudCall’s whisper feature. This live coaching feature helps new recruiters feel more confident handling difficult calls on their own.

Our reporting dashboards color code team members by activity. When they hit a goal, the bar turns green automatically. This creates a healthy competition between OfficeWorks team members, uniting them with a common goal no matter how far apart they are working. These dashboards can be accessed easily online –no need for an office with big screen TVs to display data.

Using our power dialer tool, allows the recruiters to fly through candidate lists in Bullhorn in no time. Another recruiter favorite is Click-to-Call. This saves time as they no longer need to dial the number manually. Our deep integration with Bullhorn across multiple channels, such as the Google Chrome extension and the CloudCallGo! mobile app, allows for increased productivity for teams like Greg’s. All these little individual bits of the CloudCall platform make a massive impact on OfficeWorks productivity.

OfficeWorks has quickly scaled by adding remote team members and have completely eliminated their physical office without losing visibility into their team’s performance, with a hand from yours truly.

Why not request a call back to discover how we can help increase your recruitment teams productivity, with a fully integrated phone system, that syncs directly back into your CRM system. you can find more of our customer success stories here.

Make more placements, faster, with CloudCall.

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