How start-ups use cloud based phone systems to increase productivity

How start-ups are using cloud based phone systems to increase productivity

Nearly a full third (31%) of businesses currently use cloud based phone systems and that number is expected to grow. Cloud based phone systems are delivered through the internet as opposed to cables (like the typical landline) or via satellite (like mobile devices). They can often be called “internet based phone systems” or you might see “VoIP” which stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” 

As more start-ups are adopting business phone systems that operate in the cloud, understanding why they are choosing to leave behind traditional landlines can help when making the decision on what phone system is right for your business.   

Today’s workplace is increasingly remote, and start-ups need to be able to operate from any location. The benefit of a could based system is that anyone can access it from anywhere. In fact setting up a new device is as simple as downloading the relevant software onto any laptop or desktop and running it. This makes remote work simple to setup for new employees or those transitioning between office based and remote work.  

The ability for online business tools to allow employees to stay connected wherever they are, allows them to provide a constant presence. This mean they could be using their mobile app while commuting on a train or travelling between visiting clients.  

Alongside remote working capabilities, cloud based systems provide the ability to quickly scale up as your business grows. That can be much harder to accomplish using a traditional telephony system due to higher setup and maintenance costs, and the need for on-site hardware. CloudCall allows you to change the number of users with a single call to your account manager, meaning scaling up or down is easy. 


Having a Unified Communications or VoIP system helps employees save an average of 32 call minutes per day.


Typically, cloud based phone systems have a wide range of useful features which allow for increased productivity. These can range from tools like click-to-dial, which saves time on inputting numbers manually, to advance analytics and dashboards. In today’s world, not having access to these features can put you at a competitive disadvantage. One feature that start-ups are finding they cannot live without is full integration between the phone system and the CRM. Not only does it increase productivity, but it turns conversations with customers into valuable business insights that can be tracked with real time reports. 

Start-ups need a reliable phone system that not only delivers a highquality calls, but also has the features and functionally to allow them to thrive. Partnering with the right cloud based phone system provider is vital to growing your business.  

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