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How to Build a Super Support Team

By November 5, 2015Customer Experience

The support function is an important aspect of any business. They are responsible for the customer’s experience, post-sale. They are here to help resolve issues and answer queries, to provide a high quality of service which ensures that their customers’ opinions of the products or services that they purchased and their opinions about the company itself, do not change in the long term.

This is a big responsibility, especially when statistics from Gartner suggest that 80% of a company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of its existing customers. As a company continues to grow and, alongside it, its customer base; the need for a well-oiled Support team machine is essential.

Here are some tips that can help you build a super Support team.

The People

According to a study undertaken by Genesys Global Survey, 78% of customers say that competent service reps are essential for a happy customer experience. With this in mind, it is important that you get the right people to make up your Support team. They should exhibit some, if not all, of these qualities:

  • Good communication skills. A business’s support function is one of the areas that are not as heavily automated as others. This is partly because customers want to deal with people, in relation to their queries and problems.  In fact, 67% of customers have hung up the phone out of frustration that they could not talk to a real person, according to an American Express Survey. The ability to communicate resolutions effectively to customers is important as, with this, comes the confidence in your support rep’s abilities to solve their queries and issues in the long-run, enhancing your customer’s experience with your company.
  • Flexibility. All manner of customers will be contacting you about a wide variety of issues at all times. You need to make sure that your support agents are knowledgeable about these issues and that they are able to handle them as they arise. A good support rep should be able to keep track of all existing customer queries and keep customers updated.
  • A positive attitude and patience! Always dealing with customer queries, issues and complaints could be quite draining – especially if customers get heated over any issues that may appear with the product or service that they purchased. A great support rep would need to remember that customers are upset over the issues and not with the rep themselves and with a positive attitude and patience in place, can help to diffuse tense situations and can calm even the angriest of customers down.

The Technology

With a super Support team in place, having the technology to ensure that you can efficiently interact with customers is key. Without the right tools, it will be difficult to keep track of all of your customer interactions, as well as the resolutions that have been put in place by your team. I have put together a list of tools that can help to manage these:

  • CRM or Helpdesk software. Having all of your customers’ details in one place is beneficial for your Support team as your reps can access the same records and can have a view of all customer interactions that have taken place. Helpdesk and CRM software can also provide functionality that can help you view all unresolved cases and allows your Support team to prioritise cases, ensuring that all cases are dealt with efficiently. With this software, it is necessary to have accurate information in place in order to fully increase your team’s efficiency and boost your customer’s confidence.
  • Dashboards and reporting. These help to measure your Support team’s activities and ensures that they are allocating the right amount of resources to each case. With this software, you can have a view of all waiting and unresolved cases and the time it takes to resolve them, on an individual or team basis.
  • Telephony tools. Telephony functionality such as Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) software and calling groups ensure that callers are directed to available agents. This enhances the customer’s experience as they are able to talk to Support reps as soon as possible. Harris Interactive suggests that 75% of customers believe that it takes too long to reach a live agent and these telephony tools can help to reduce that number.

With the right people and tools in place, it is easy to make sure that your Support team has positive interactions with customers so that they have a great experience whenever they contact your business.

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