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How to Improve Communication Skills in the Workplace

As a leader, you understand the importance of great communication skills for your team. In the workplace, constantly improving these skills across the entire team is crucial because good communication increases operational efficiency and boosts morale.   

So, how can your team’s communication skills positively impact your business? People are more willing to commit to an organization if they can communicate up and down the ladder. Good communication is also aligned with a positive work environment. If employees feel heard and respected, there is a foundation for understanding their needs – improving team performance as a result.   

Good communication results in more creative and strategic initiatives from the team, because they are given a space to express themselves. When employees express themselves, you can cultivate their talents and skills that might otherwise go unsaid. This expression also enhances the relationship between employees and managers.  

Focus on these essential skills to improve communication in the workplace:  


One of the best ways to be a good communicator is to be a good listener. It’s more difficult to comprehend what you’re being asked if you’re not a good listener.  

TIP: Take time to encourage active listeningActive listening is the practice of paying close attention to what the other person is saying and asking questions to confirm understanding.  

Nonverbal communication  

Paying close attention to nonverbal signals is another critical component for good communication. Practice maintaining a relaxed, open stance and focusing on the person speaking with eye contact. Nonverbal communication is crucial for team building and group rapport, so it is a skill worth focusing on.  


Make your intentions clear and direct, whether you’re talking to a team member in face-to-face or through a screen. Clarity directly impacts performance and allows passion and purpose to align as a means of overcoming obstacles as a team. High performing teams communicate with clarity.  


Encourage respect in the workplace to reduce stress and conflict before it arises. Increased mutual respect will improve overall communication. Accepting others even when they’re different is an important show of respect because it helps the team feel safe. To create a workplace environment of respect, lead by example, develop clear rules for conduct, and show your appreciation when your team exceeds expectations.  

Building communication with your team through listening, nonverbal signals, clarity, and respect every day can make difficult conversations easier to approach. 

Get started on upskilling your team with a daily stand-up.  

During a daily stand-up meeting, team members take turns speaking and listening. By communicating daily, it’s easy to provide feedback in a casual setting. The discomfort of standing in place for a long period is purposeful – it naturally keeps the meetings short. If you have remote teams, having a daily stand-up conference call is also efficient. Daily stand-ups encourage communication across the entire team. At CloudCall, nearly every team participates in stand-up meetings and it leaves everyone in the group with a sense of purpose and role clarity, every day 

Want to go a step further? Give your team the tools they need for successful communication.  

You’re only as good as your tech stack. This is where communications technology comes into play. Design your internal communication to allow for collaboration across teams and ensure that no critical data is lost. Chances are, your team is chatting with each other. Make sure you capture any work-related messages automatically into your CRM, without interruption. Integrate IM into your current tech stack to capture every piece of instant messaging that is important to your business.

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