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It can be hard to provide support your call center team when your agents are working remotely.

Our CRM integrations allow you to assist your agents on live calls, create a library of past calls (both good and bad) and assess the outcomes of every call your team makes.

Real-time dashboards help you to monitor your team’s activities and give you a clear picture of how the team are getting on.

There are loads of features that can benefit you whilst training your team, but here are three features you’ll get from a CloudCall integration, which will improve the support you give to your team:

Supervisor panel

Provide support to all your agents; being able to Monitor, Whisper or Barge into live calls.

Call recording

Collate a library of past communications, to show examples of best practice to new starters.

Call reports

Get a birds-eye view of interactions your team are having and set KPIs based on their actions.

Want to know more about what CloudCall can offer your business? Book in for a demo today. You won’t regret it.

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