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Improve Your Sales Conversation Skills

With all types of business communication there is always room to improve and with people’s sales conversations this can certainly be the case.

It is easy when trying to close the big deal to forget some of the basics and slip into the trap of talking too much and firing questions so rapidly your customers feel you are interrogating them.

There are lots of trip hazards in any sales conversation so before your next call remember these simple tips to be more effective.

Build a Rapport – before you start to question your prospect get them to open up on how you can help them.  Remember at the end of the day people buy from people they like.  It’s human nature to talk about ourselves, open with questions on interests and hobbies and get your prospect in to a conversational mind set from the off. Finding common ground or shared interests is the quickest way to building positive relationships and will help your sales conversations go far more smoothly.

Pinch Points – Every article you read with hints for salespeople includes the importance of understanding your customer’s pain points.  What isn’t always specified though is the important of harnessing their aspirations – you need to understand what their goals are and then show them how you can help them to achieve them.

Make Your Case– If you don’t make your business case, quite simply you won’t make the sale.  If your customer can’t see the value in what you are proposing why would they buy? This case should be a constantly evolving and an improving snap shot of who you (and your company) are, why your product or service is beneficial and how it has helped other organisations.

Paint a Picture – give your customer a scenario describing the future making sure you alleviate the pain points and achieve their goals. Build excitement around the scenario get them to visualise how things could change. Visualisation helps prospects attach emotion to a scenario or situation – whether that be a positive emotion of a situation to come or a negative emotion of a situation from the past. Both instances can be a powerful way to convey your message.

Build Trust – Trust is a key building block in sales success.  A prospect won’t open up and share their pain points, aspirations and goals if they don’t trust you.   If you say you are going to do or provide something make sure you deliver, and on time.   If you going to be late in delivering be honest and communicate.  If you let them down, they are unlikely to trust you to move forward with the deal.

Fail to Prepare – Prepare to Fail applies to each and every sales conversation you have.  Do your homework.  Understand the business, have clear objectives of what you want to achieve from the conversation.

Following these tips can help you to be more successful in your sales career, for more hints and tips on what it takes to achieve sales success download our brand new e-book here which includes advice from recruiters, experienced sales managers and our very own Head of Sales.

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