Increase Connections using Broadcast Texting for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Increase Connections with Broadcast Texting for Microsoft Dynamics 365

Deliver important messages and target key groups with broadcast messaging. Broadcast messaging provides a cost-effective method of sending bulk text messaging to multiple contacts. Use broadcast capabilities to boost response rates and increase connections with contacts.

What is broadcast messaging?  

Broadcast messaging, also known as bulk texting, allows users to select a group of contacts to target with an SMS/text message. Reach more people and increase ROI on communication technology with tools such as SMS and broadcast.  

How to send a broadcast message with CloudCall for Microsoft Dynamics 365: 

  1. Select: “Customers”, “Accounts”, or “All Leads” underneath “Sales” on the left side
  2. Check the box next to each contact name you would like to add to the group or select the box next to “Full Name” to select all contacts
  3. Select: “Add to Broadcast”
  4. Add the selected contacts to an existing broadcast or select “Create new” to write a message  
  5. Once you have added the selected contacts to the broadcast message group, you can send them a personalized message. PRO TIP: Use a template to add the ‘first name’ tag to pull the contact’s name automatically into the message  

CloudCall natively integrates unified communications with Dynamics 365, allowing you to engage with customers and prospects without leaving your CRM. Use broadcast texting for reaching out to sales prospects or as a promotional marketing campaign tool. Capture multi-channel outreach within Dynamics and have a full picture of all key conversations. 

With our Dynamics 365 CRM integration, text messages and responses are automatically captured and stored in the cloud, ensuring that valuable data never leaks from your business. This provides management teams, and the entire business, with enhanced visibility. 

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