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Is your phone system holding back your sales?

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For a lot of businesses, the phone system is the most essential tool that sales people have.

It’s the beating, ringing heart of your operations and vital to your success. Without it, you would lose one of the biggest and most important channels for generating sales.

But what if it’s holding you back? *dramatic gasp*

What if this whole time you’ve been doing it wrong, or the system you use has meant you have missed out on sales? Well fear not, dear salesperson. We’re here to help you out.

Our eGuide ‘No more phoning it in: solving sales problems with CloudCall’, tells you how integrating your phone system with your CRM can unlock your potential.

If you have a CRM system and telephony system, it means not only are you wasting a lot of time, but you are also missing out on tonnes of data, vital to the success of your sales team.

Unlock your potential

However, by linking your CRM to your phone system, a whole new world of efficiency is opened. Giving yourself a 360 view of what’s working (and maybe what isn’t) is now quick and easy, ensuring productivity throughout the team.

With all calls, chats and texts then captured directly within your CRM, suddenly every conversation is now a key to unlock your business growth.

Managers and supervisors can gain a more in-depth look at what their team are up to and offer vital support, even during live calls! This tool is especially important when managing a remote sales team.

With nearly 10 years of experience supplying solutions that make companies keep their customers happy and generate more sales, CloudCall was built with sales people in mind.

Our system is full of features to ensure that you as a sales person, can succeed.

There’s loads more to learn about solving your sales problems with CloudCall too, so why not take a look at our new eGuide here? Go on, you won’t regret it.

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