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Isn’t it great when things just…click?

Our new eBook, titled ‘Keep your customers happy’ explores the power of combining data and communications to build better relationships. Isn’t it great when things just, click?

You don’t need us to remind you how different the last year has been. One thing that you may have noticed however, is that the phones are still ringing…a lot.

We carried out research on businesses and customers, to find out their preferences, when it comes to communicating.

52% of businesses who have seen a surge in traffic say it’s because customers prefer to talk to a human.

With so many channels available, businesses need to ensure, now more than ever, that they are choosing the correct channels to engage with their customers.

Our eBook tells you:

  • Why inbound phone calls are rising
  • Tips to reduce the burden on inbound call centres
  • How to boost customer satisfaction
  • How to use tech to reduce your call queue times

You can take a look at the eBook here for more.

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