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Sharing architecture, covering new releases, and building a mobile-ready app at the Leicester UK Salesforce Community Group

Excitement and interest around the relaunched Leicester UK Salesforce Community Group brought members from across the Midlands to the CloudCall headquarters for an event loaded with opportunities to share and learn from Salesforce experts. 

Users, admins, partners, and developers were able to learn from each other and share knowledge in the same relaxed and informal space. Opportunities for anyone to ask questions at any time were made possible through the collaborative nature of the sessions. 

Sharing Architecture with Darren Lees 

Darren LeesSalesforce Architect at Barclaycard, kicked off the event with a talk about the Salesforce sharing architecture. He has designed, configured, and developed dozens of Salesforce projects across Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and various other products in the last 10 years. His expertise, tips, and insight made for an interesting session.   

Darren discussed all aspects of sharing architecture including the rules and hierarchy set up for users on Salesforce, dictating what objects and fields they can see. He told the audience how rules are set up through their user profiles, and permission sets should be granted based on individual needs. For example, a VP of Sales will need to access different data than a support representative.   

Key takeaway: When an admin builds sharing architecture, it’s important to be mindful of building permissions sets. Start with the settings with fewer permissions.  It’s easier to apply these rules and add on greater privileges for specific users, as you can’t take individual components away if they are in the permission set.   

Summer ‘19 and Winter ‘20 Salesforce Releases 

Craig Donisthorpe, Head of Internal Systems at CloudCall, talked through the most recent Salesforce releases this year. In Craig’s opinion, the Winter ‘20 Release is more feature-rich than the Summer ‘19 Release and packed full of functionality that will be extremely useful for admins.  

Craig’s #1 summer release feature? The ability to search within reports. With this feature, only the Salesforce search bar will highlight the records within a column, making it easier for a user to find a line item.

During his presentation, Craig demonstrated all the best features from both releases. Below, text wrapping within a report will intelligently fit the notes within a conveniently sized box, for user-friendliness. 

Another exciting addition to the Salesforce toolkit for any user is the new Einstein Assistance app. This mobile app uses voice recognition to understand a user’s notes and push them into salesforce as tasks, activities etc, at the user’s command. This is ideal for a salesperson out on the road, rushing between appointments.  

Building a mobile-ready CPD (continued professional development) application from scratch with James Beezly  

James Beezley, Director at SkySail, outlined the steps he takes in building a mobile app with Salesforce. Uploading information to Salesforce can be a pain, so James demonstrated a solution with a use case for using a mobile phone to capture more data.  

In his live demo, James took the audience on a journey to create the perfect app for his character, Clive Bean, a management accountant, who found uploading evidence to Salesforce to be a long-winded process and wanted to use his mobile phone more. James started with uploading an excel spreadsheet into Salesforce, which intelligently deciphers several correct objects which he wanted to add into Salesforce.  

Though a few tweaks on how the data is displayed are required (like adding a pick list and re-arranging the list order within Salesforce), James was able to display the data in rows in Salesforce, or as a Kanban board – a much easier representation of the data for a user to look at. 

He then built a new page layout, with Salesforce allowing him to drag and drop the new objects into Salesforce as individual components within the page. The page could then be accessible via the Salesforce app. Whilst inside the app, James took a photo of a document and uploaded it to a component within the Salesforce page he had just created. This document was available to view on the desktop when James went back to it. 

In true Jamesstyle, a comical Freddie Mercury GIF and confetti popped on the screen after the final stage of a Salesforce path had been completed by the user.  

Who can join this Salesforce Community Group 

Everyone. Admins, users, developers, sales managers, IT consultants, and anyone who wants to learn more about using Salesforce is invited to attend.  

Why is this beneficial? Here is an example: a developer can watch a presentation by an admin who does not know how to code. From seeing their point of view, this developer can learn to be mindful while building Salesforce to avoid real conflict.  

If you’re interested in attending the next event, sign up to join the Leicester UK Community Group. Log in using Salesforce, search for the Leicester UK Administrators User Group and request to be accepted to the group.  

By joining the community, you’ll have access to a powerful network and hear about upcoming community sponsored events before they’re on social media. Follow @SFDCLeicester to join the conversation on Twitter and use hashtag #SF_LUG for community events!

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