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Lessons from 2020 and predictions for 2021, by CloudCall CTO Paul Clark (part two)

Lessons from 2020 and predictions for 2021, by CloudCall CTO Paul Clark

As we welcome in the new year, CloudCall’s Chief Technology Officer, Paul Clark, talks us through some of his predictions of where the market is heading and some challenges it may face, in 2021.

Did you manage to have a look at part one? In our last post, Paul discussed some of the lessons CloudCall learnt in 2020 as well as his predictions on how AI (Artificial Intelligence) will change the industry this year.

That doesn’t sound right

Following on the theme of AI in 2021, we are working on our systems being able to pick up on the tone of calls. Our system will be able to detect the sentiment of a call, if it is good, bad, a productive conversation or a brewing argument, in real-time.

If the system suspects a negative conversation or dispute, it will then be able to alert a supervisor or manager to the fact that the conversation may’ve taken a turn.  That person will then be able offer support by using the Monitor, Whisper or Barge function on that conversation, via the Supervisor Panel.

CloudCall already has Supervisor Panel features, so at this point it‘s really just hooking that up to the power of AI.

On top of this, security and compliance will see an increase from the automated transcription services. Instead of ticking a box, the call will automatically assess questions such as “Is it okay if I record this call?” or “Do I have your permission to…?” and feed the answers back into the CRM.

Transcription is just the start

Essentially, for all of these new features, the base level functionality is the transcription and then on top of that; we add the AI (Artificial Intelligence), NLP (Natural Language Processing) and machine learning. It’s going to be big, trust me.

Post-pandemic working

As we know, there has been an increase in video calling and thus an increase in video applications. For us, the boost in usage of apps like Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams means more opportunity for third party collaboration.

As companies will be looking at how they can further the processes they have picked up during the pandemic, they will be assessing what has worked for them last year and what they would like to carry on with in the future.

One of the top things will be the ability to combine these applications and to track communication from within them.

We will be looking to pull activity (calls or SMS’) from within an app, such as Microsoft Teams, and include those in the reports on the existing CRM.

Pulling together

The increase in different services and applications has allowed for us to combine our platform with the existing programmes and pull all this information together in one place: the CRM.

It doesn’t matter if the employee is on Zoom, Zoho, Salesforce or Microsoft Teams; leaders will be able to view where employees are working and generate reports on that activity too.

As we see an increase in post-pandemic ways of working – there will be an increase of remote working. At which point, being able to see activity throughout different applications will boost productivity and protect companies’ data.

You will be able to find records of conversations, no matter where they were held, all in one place on your CRM. (Thanks to CloudCall…go us!)

Back to the browser

Part of our product roadmap is to move more functionality from the portal, where users can configure the behaviour and settings of their plugin, to the browser plugin itself.

The richer plugin, will simplify our customer’s processes, letting them access all the information and tools they need, straight from their browser. This helps the user to stay in one place, making the features easier to use and configure.

With the increase in remote working, this makes it easier for users to access whichever communications channel they need, wherever they are and on whatever device they choose.

Challenges in 2021

Our greatest challenges this year are the challenges that may face our customers.

We want to ensure the smooth transition for them of new ways of working. We want to provide an outstanding service and maintain efficiencies, despite the change in working practices.

All in all, we want to alleviate the pressure of climatising to the pandemic and the post-pandemic world of working. After all, business must go on, right?

Ensuring the above will be the greatest challenge for us at CloudCall and in 2021, we will support our users every step of the way.

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