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Personalize Your Calling Strategy by Having Local Presence

Is your calling strategy personalized? 

Have you ever received a call from a local number, and realized it was a business outside of your area trying to reach you? By recognizing the local number they used, you were more likely to answer the phone. Many businesses take advantage of the familiarity the local presence feature provides to reach their customers faster.  

Establish familiarity and trust with the person you are calling by controlling the number that displays from outbound calls as a local number. With an area code customized to your customer/client location, your phone call has a better chance of being recognized and answered.  

What is Local Presence?  

Essentially, local presence is an effective feature that enables users to call anyone using a local phone number. Using local presence lends to benefits across various teams because familiar-looking numbers can boost the number of calls picked up by customers, clients, candidates, or anyone.  

By controlling the number that displays from outbound campaigns, your teams have the freedom to target specific markets. Even though the number is displayed with a local area code, all calls are automatically routed back to the user who made the call – wherever they are. Having full ownership of the local number means that it can be assigned to anyone in your business. 

How does Local Presence enhance the customer experience? 

Here’s aexample. Think of a third-party ‘Customer Success Team’ reaching out to customers on behalf of their clients. They want to keep their clients satisfied by making sure the customers have been contacted successfully. Since their clients are located across the US, agents use phone numbers assigned to each client with an area code that aligns with their geography. The agents can reach customers more successfully by using Local Presence, because the numbers match client locations.  

Why limit your growing organization to one place, when you can have a national presence? If your company is based in New York but has an office in Denver, you can still reach out using numbers with area codes in New York through Local Presence. 

Can recruiters benefit from Local Presence? 

Like the ‘Customer Success Team’ experience explained previously, recruitment teams can represent their clients with more recognition by using Local Presence. Local Presence uses local area codes tailored to the location where the candidate is answering the phone; candidates that recognize their own area code are more likely to pick up.  

To learn more about Local Presence through CloudCall and the benefits our features can bring to your business, schedule a demo with our team.   

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