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Last week, we discussed what marketing automation could do for your business. Today, I’d like to share our company’s experience with our marketing automation software, Marketo. These days, the majority of my working hours are spent in Marketo. Doing so, has led to colleagues referring to the software as my ‘work-husband’ and in fact, a colleague from another department has asked who ‘Mark Eto’ was, as he had heard us using the name!

Together, Marketo and I have faced many challenges – there have been tears, frustration, joy and triumph (mostly, well, all on my part).


Like many relationships, this one started with a search. Finding the right software for your business can take time. You need to make sure that it has the functionality that you’re looking for, that it integrates well with your existing software and won’t cause any issues further down the line. In fact, searching for the right software is almost like ‘online dating’ – you find out more about the software by trawling through a potential vendor’s profile (website and social media profiles, for example), finding out what features and benefits they offer and if it’s the right fit for your business. If you feel that you are interested in what is offered, you contact them for further discussion.

We chose Marketo as we were impressed with the level of its integration with our CRM system. Using both Marketo and our CRM would offer us better knowledge on our customer and prospect interactions and behaviours. We would be able to access in-depth reporting, which would help us plan our future marketing strategies, as insights would be available in to which channels were more successful and the ROI gained.

During the implementation of Marketo, we needed to make sure that all of the fields were correctly synced to the fields within our CRM. In order to do so, it was beneficial to consult with our CRM administrator, which ensured that the processes that were built within our CRM, aligned with Marketo.

The First Time

The first time I logged into Marketo – I was pretty intimidated. Logging into a system that you’ve never used before was daunting enough, never mind, logging into a system that was filled with a business’s database. It was terrifying! There were areas where I was told ‘do not touch’ and areas that I didn’t want to venture near. There were programs where logic was necessary for the outcomes that were needed; where structures and flows needed to be followed. This was a challenge. One that we, as a Marketing team, slowly but surely overcame by familiarising ourselves with the functionality and its capabilities and limitations.

Getting To Know You

Using new software is always exciting, especially when you are aware of its capabilities and what it would mean for your processes and workflows. My relationship with our Marketo software had a steep learning curve. It seemed to operate in a different language – one that I had to fully understand so that it was possible for us to run the marketing programs that were needed. Initially, during our learning process, we began by sending a few emails; created simple landing pages and forms using the templates provided and began to segment and update our database so that we could tailor our marketing messages to our customers and prospects and have a comprehensive view of all of our marketing activities.

Even with the simplest of functionalities, we couldn’t deny the response from our customers and prospects and our increased knowledge about our database. We could discover the content that our customers and prospects enjoyed reading and investigate what offers and channels were most successful. This has been beneficial in shaping our current strategies.

The programs that we now have in place are far more complex than what we initially had and much of my time is spent within the Marketo community, researching more ways to continue improving our processes. And so far, they’re working pretty well and my ‘relationship’ with my work-husband looks set to go from strength to strength!

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