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Meet CloudCall at Bullhorn’s EngageX 2021

We’re excited to be a continuing Platinum Sponsor of Bullhorn’s virtual conference, EngageX this year. Here’s everything you need to know about The EngageX Experience…  


This year Bullhorn is doing things a bit differently, splitting the event across two days: Tuesday 15th June – Wednesday 16th June 2021. The event will feature keynote speeches, breakout sessions, customer roundtables and discussions.  

Visit us at our virtual exhibition booth to talk about all thing’s integration and join our roundtable discussion Can recruitment technology improve our emotional intelligence?  with CloudCall’s experts; Paul Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Matt Gayleard, Chief Marketing Officer and Diogo Coutinho, VP Product Management. 

Our roundtable is taking place on Wednesday 16th June, from 1:30pm – 2:10pm EST. 

Register your spot for the event here. 

What’s it all about? 

The World Economic Forum ranked EQ (emotional intelligence) as one of the most important skills to have by 2025. It’s also reported that it’s responsible for 58% of professional success. 

In fact, for each percentage point in EQ, a person can add $1,300 to their annual salary. There’s a clear correlation between high EQ and your top billers. 

In a world that’s becoming more AI driven, our panel looks at the relationship between the rise of AI and how that can affect our EQ. 

The big bang of Artificial Intelligence is here, and this roundtable will ask (and answer) the following questions: 

  • How will automation transform businesses? 
  • What is sentiment analysis and what can it help recruiters achieve? 
  • What impact will transcription technology have on EQ? 
  • How does emotional intelligence improve business development? 

Register your spot, here. 

Let’s meet the team! 

We have three of CloudCall’s top talents joining Bullhorn at EngageX, Paul Clark, Chief Technology Officer, Matt Gayleard, Chief Marketing Officer and Diogo Coutinho, VP Product Management.  

Let’s get to know them a bit more: 

Paul Clark 

Paul Clark is Chief Technology Officer at CloudCall. Paul has extensive technology experience in consumer services, working in strategic roles at BBC, HSBC and ITV, to name a few. 

Paul is responsible for outlining CloudCall’s technological vision, implementing strategies, and ensuring that our tech resources are aligned with the company’s business needs.  

Paul on AI: “AI is about machine learning and machines being able to identify patterns. By training a machine to know what a good call sounds like, we can then ask the machine to show us more good calls.” 

Matt Gayleard  

Matt Gayleard is CloudCall’s Chief Sales & Marketing Officer. Matt is a strategic, data driven Sales and Marketing leader with a solid track record in scaling high growth tech-businesses. Matt’s previous senior leadership roles have been at companies such as Microsoft, Nokia and Orange. 

He’s experienced in both large Corporations and Start-ups. Building enduring global brand propositions through inspiring and leading teams in executional excellence. 

Matt on automation: “I like when technology can hide behind the surface of a conversation and just automate. It allows people to focus on the human being they are having a conversation with, and for things to flow more naturally.” 

Diogo Coutinho 

Diogo Coutinho is a Product leader with extensive experience in consumer and B2B products, having worked for large and medium-sized companies, as well as start-ups. Past companies include Telefonica, Shell, Three UK, the JUST EAT Group and Adevinta. 

At CloudCall Diogo leads the Product function, which sets the vision, strategy and helps deliver great user experiences through digital communication products integrated to CRMs. 

Diogo on emotional intelligence: “I’m excited to see what the next few months and years brings to the topic of EQ and how we are able implement and integrate it with technology. It’s a really exciting time to be in the industry.” 

CloudCall and Bullhorn 

CloudCall for Bullhorn brings together and securely stores all conversations that you are having with candidates and clients…into your Bullhorn system. 

With CloudCall, you can: 

  • Enhance the quality and quantity of data 
  • Optimize processes and save time 
  • Personalize every conversation and build better candidate relationships 
  • Easily work from anywhere with the CloudCall Go! Mobile app 

Don’t forget to register your spot for Bullhorn’s Engage X. You get to meet some of our amazing team!  

Want to know a bit more about what CloudCall for Bullhorn can offer your business? Take a look here or book in for a demo with our team, here. 

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