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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration Updates

By August 27, 2019News, Technology

With advanced features for Dynamics 365, you can optimize processes, drive productivity and ensure that all valuable interactions are captured and stored in your CRM. On top of integrating voice, text and instant messaging, we’re excited to launch our latest product updates for CloudCall’s integration with Dynamics 365 CRM.

Now live is a refreshed version of our Microsoft Dynamics 365 plugin. This update gives you the ability to easily install the plugin, send broadcast messages, use templates for texts, and automated note capture.  

New Features:  

  • Installation Wizard Previously, installation of our plugin was complex. We have simplified the installation of our plugin with a Wizard which will perform 95% of the install process.  
  • Broadcast Messages Create and send broadcast messages. Select multiple contacts from Dynamics 365 and either create a new Broadcast list or add them to an existing one. This updated feature follows our previous release which introduced IM, SMS and GDPR compliance. 
  • Templates for Text Messages Select a predefined Template to send via a single or Broadcast SMS with the ability to personalize the message using the Contacts’ First Name.  
  • Automated Note Capture Capture notes and call categories directly in the plugin without having to initiate a native Dynamics note. Notes and call categories will sync to the contact in Dynamics as well as call recordings. 

So, how you would you actually use these features? Here are a few examples:  

  • Increase connections with contacts quickly using broadcast messaging. Enable your business to deliver important messages and target key groups, helping to boost response rates.   
  • Create and use templates to create engaging text message campaigns and communicate effectively with your audience.  
  • Utilize the integration to automate note-taking tasks.

CloudCall provides simple, fast and integrated communications with customers and prospects directly from Dynamics 365 CRM, helping you to build better relationships and get more done, faster. Interested in learning more? See our product in action with a live demo from our team.  

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