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Microsoft Dynamics trends and insights (from eXtreme365 and User Group Summit)

This year’s eXtreme365 and User Group Summit in Amsterdam focused on end user expectations, cloud-based solutions and the future of Microsoft applications.  

A key takeaway from the event was taking a customer-centric approach when designing software, to make sure that customer needs are fulfilled. Microsoft users seek out of the box solutions, with the goal of needing little to no effort to implement. Another trending topic was the importance of businesses using cloud-based solution within their digital transformation. One of the benefits being that data can be stored and accessed easily.  

Another exciting topic in Amsterdam was the Unified Interface, which has been updated to help customers work within their CRM. Now 27% of Microsoft users are taking advantage of the updated version. 

Trending Solutions: 

Collaborative Solutions Microsoft Teams is on the rise. Team collaboration, through instant messaging and file sharing, enhances internal communications. Looking for a resource to discover more team collaboration tools? Read this blog post to find more. 

Horizontal vs Vertical Solutions During an ISV panel discussion (with questions for 6 industry professionals), there was a debate on the success of add-on solutions: vertical or horizontal. Horizontal solutions are versatile as they can benefit many different teams with any type of company, regardless of their industry. Alternatively, vertical solutions are designed with a sector in mind and aim to solve their unique challenges. There is a place for both types of solution within the Microsoft community, as long as the chosen solution provides key benefits to the end customers. 

Cloud Storage Model Microsoft announced that their pricing model may be changing, with customers being charged based on the amount of cloud storage they require, rather than for each Microsoft instance they need. This move from license based cost to storage cost seems to be a growing trend within the technology sector. Could a cloud-based storage model be the future? 

Event insight:

Microsoft’s trusted Partner Program is growing.   


Partner growth in the past year 


Partners selling 365 for customer engagement 


Partners selling Dynamics 365 portfolio 


Partners selling Power Apps 

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