CloudCall is Changing. Here is What is Coming Your Way…

A Preview: new user interface, integrated IM/SMS (and more), built-in GDPR compliance functionality. Coming to you this spring and early summer.

The old adage about “time is money” has evolved to mean “the fastest person done, gets paid.” Now add the explosive use of texting and social media to the challenge, and if you’re doing business in Europe, GDPR. How do you work quickly, keep track of what you are doing, and avoid legal consequences of GDPR non-compliance? CloudCall is here to help, and coming soon – a streamlined task window, integrated texting/social media/video calls, all in one interface; all within your CRM.

Key Benefits

  • New Interface – even easier to use, with more capabilities at your fingertips. Fly through tasks.
  • Instant Messaging / SMS – communicate the way your contacts prefer, whether phone or texting, directly from your CRM. Automatic capture means your records are always up to date.
  • GDPR compliance features – easily record and track verbal consent, or not; mitigating the risk of costly non-compliance or disputes.

A Closer Look: The New Interface

The brand new user interface features a modern design, which is more compact and easier to navigate. The search for colleagues and contacts becomes more streamlined, reducing calling inefficiencies.

  • The new plugin becomes a single point of access that allows you to answer calls directly from the CloudCall plugin, providing a more streamlined user experience.
  • Call history information such as active, unsaved and missed calls are consolidated into a single area, giving you a quick view of all relevant call activities.
  • Conference calls and the process to transfer calls, have been redesigned and can be managed using a simple, more user-friendly workflow.

One Interface for Phone, Instant Messaging (IM) and SMS – All Tightly Integrated Into Your CRM

Increased competition for candidates to fill jobs, the mobile phone as the preferred platform, texting, IM, and social media augmenting email and phone calls. To be the first to deliver qualified candidates to your clients, you need to communicate the same way. Your staff expects to be able to work this way. They are not waiting for these tools; they are using them today, and are not likely to capture the conversations in your CRM.

  • IM/SMS, available in May for Bullhorn, enables texting directly from the CRM.
  • Global reach, unlike other country-bound texting solutions, CloudCall lets you reach anyone, anywhere.
  • Reach one, or reach many. CloudCall sends messages to groups as easily as it does individuals.
  • Video, social media, website chat and other channels will be introduced throughout the course of the year, expanding the communication capabilities within the same, single interface tightly coupled with the CRM.
  • Capture all conversations by candidate, client, or job record.

See how it works: watch a brief video.

A Safer Solution: GDPR Compliance via In-Call Consent Capture

CloudCall users will be able to capture verbal consent to store and use candidate / prospect personal data – including call recordings – while on the phone with the contact. Users will easily see the current consent status, and will be prompted if consent has not yet been granted. The outcome is a legitimate record of consent, or not, in the standard user interface.

  • Ease of use, audio and visual prompts from the CloudCall plugin, working with the CRM.
  • Consistent, guided process, with suggested call scripts and clear steps
  • Recorded verbal consent with time stamp and expiration date
  • Audit trail and reporting

Learn more about how to ensure GDPR compliance.

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