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News roundup – Articles you don’t want to miss

By July 30, 2014News
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Hey there busy bee! While you’ve been on the phone to clients, candidates and customers, our team of content writers have been equally busy writing articles that we think you’ll find pretty interesting. Now, we know that you might not have the time to trawl through the web to find all of these articles, so we’ve put together a list of our latest and greatest, just for you. That’s right, it’s news roundup time!

Lets dive in to this years first news roundup

Workflow Automation in Recruitment

According to Bloomberg, firms are bracing themselves for a Great Resignation in 2022 – to some this is already a reality.

Workers have been increasingly walking away from jobs as they re-evaluate their work-life balance. It’s very much a jobseeker’s market right now.

In the recruitment space itself, demand for recruiters is up by over 300%.

Many of the engagements that we see as ripe for some automation, are in the (high volume) temp recruitment space. Where the same interaction needs to be performed repeatedly and at scale.

Often these are the parts that are not conducive to a good work-life balance: boring, repetitive and stressful.

What if there was a way recruiters could magic up an extra pair of hands to help with these tasks?

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Recruitment technology trends for 2022

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Recruitment technology is constantly evolving and 2022 will be no different.

We spoke to experts from within CloudCall, as well as from the wider recruitment and technology industries, about their predictions for the rest of the year and what will be the biggest trends from within the sector.

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CloudCall at Recruitment Agency Expo 2022

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We’ve had a great time last month at the Recruitment Agency Expo 2022. It was great to chat to our partners and listening to experts from the recruitment technology industry!

And don’t worry if you missed out! You can take a look below for more info about our talk. Plus some expert insights from the chats we had with our partners at Bullhorn, Vincere and Mercury.

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CloudCall for ActiveCampaign; supercharging your communications

cloudcall for activecampaign

Hey friends, we’ve got some news for you. Yep, you guessed it, we have our first integration of 2022 and it’s for ActiveCampaign. That’s right! CloudCall for ActiveCampaign is now LIVE! *crowd cheers*

Here’s our one-stop-shop for everything about our brand-new CloudCall for ActiveCampaign integration. Here you will find out how it will supercharge your processes, how it works and what the benefits are for our users.

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How to become a high-quality salesperson

People sometimes think of sales like the Wild West – no rules, and all that matters is the salesperson closing a deal.

This is far from true.

So, we’ve put together 4 unwritten rules of selling over the phone that will allow you to build trust, earn the respect of your potential customers, and become a high-quality salesperson.

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Why is data capture important for recruiters?

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Data capture is important for your business. Period. But why? Because when a recruiter leaves your business, you don’t want them to take their contacts with them to the competition! So, you need to make sure they are storing candidate information within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). This will allow you to continue to nurture candidates even if a recruiter leaves. 

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How is technology helping you meet your goals?

Take a closer look at your company’s digital ecosystem to discover how technology can help meet your goals. Once you’ve figured out your challenges, you can leverage technology to track company information, empower remote workers, sync conversations on mobile, and upskill recruiters.

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If you enjoyed this news roundup, check back soon for another! And if you’d like to keep reading, head on over to our blog.

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