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News roundup – Articles you don’t want to miss

By July 30, 2014Communications

While you were on the phone all week, we were busy scouring the internet for top articles that might interest you. Here’s our news roundup…

Are you scared of cloud CRM?

In Mike Richardson’s article Cloud CRM and the SME: How to Work Out its Role in Your Business, he explores the biggest myths associated with cloud-based CRM systems. Fears like data insecurity and service disruptions are holding SMEs back from taking advantage of the productivity benefits that can be gained with the cloud.

“Data security is a big issue for any business and a common concern surrounding the cloud is that moving data and business processes online can expose a company to more cyber threats.  In actual fact, the access to sophisticated firewalls, security protocols and data encryption that using a cloud service provider grants is a major bonus, particularly for SMES which are unlikely to install this level of protection on their own internal servers.”

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How come smaller businesses aren’t using new phone technologies?

“A report from ACMA from January this year found that just 28 per cent of businesses with fewer than 20 employees were making use of IP-based telephony, and 39 per cent of medium-sized businesses (20-199 employees) were making use of the technology.”

Lyncoln de Mello’s article SMEs Miss VoIP’s Call, questions why small businesses aren’t taking advantage of IP telephony and why they might want to consider it.

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Three tools every small business can’t do without

Kevin Hertz brief article succinctly lays out the three things small businesses can’t do without: telephony, a website and marketing automation.

A web presence seems like a no-brainer, but it’s a big investment for companies with 1-10 employees, so Hertz recommends thinking about your audience and what they expect from your online presence – a full-fledged professional website or something less substantial. We also think it’s worth mentioning that there are many services available to make well-designed yet basic website for a reasonable price, even if you don’t have the experience to make the site yourself.

At SYNETY we have the telephony part covered, seeing as we use all of our own products and services. But we’re always surprised how many small businesses think that a good telephony solution is beyond their grasp, when it doesn’t have to be. Cloud-based telephony products in particular are perfect for small business because they require little or no capital expenditure.

Read on to find out access all of Hertz’s recommendations.

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