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New year, new tech – How to prepare your recruitment team for the busy year ahead.

By December 27, 2018Communications, Technology

New year means new tech. The start of the new year is the perfect time to invest in new tech and get a head start against your competitors – have a team that works faster and harder with new and improved technology. There are more recruiting tools than ever before to help make the process a bit easier. Looking ahead to 2019, the digital transformation of the recruiting industry could be heavily impacted by AI, blockchain and communication systems – among others. 

Join the rise of AI 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of computers to behave such as human intelligence might; including decision-making. AI can’t decide who gets hired, but it makes the recruiting process more efficient. Start by using an AI tool to solve the hassle of scheduling candidate phone screens with, which uses intelligence from conversations in your inbox and learns when you want to meet. 

Start using blockchain technology 

What is blockchain? Blockchain works as a digital ledger in which records, or ‘blocks’, are recorded chronologically and publicly. In a world where candidates exaggerate their skills more than ever before, blockchain can bring in some accountability. By using blockchain to verify information, recruiters can complete background checks on candidates more easily than ever before. Blockchain makes it impossible to forge entries. This way, candidates will be assessed based on skills that are verified. 

Update your communications 

In the era of digital transformation, communication data can get lost when outdated technology is hosting it. As communication is constantly driven to computers and phones, it makes sense to merge the two together. Stay up to date with a reliable computer telephony integration (CTI).  This 7-step guide provides an overview of what you should consider when integrating telephony into your CRM. 

Put your data to work 

The need to put your data to work is going to be greater than ever in 2019. Linking CRM data to your communication-driven activities is going to be crucial for any serious recruitment business development in 2019. Recruiters need to work faster to stand out from the competition.


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