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CloudCall for CEIPAL, the perfect match.

Our integration unlocks the power of CEIPAL, enabling you to make more calls with Click to Dial, send and store SMS, listen to Call Recordings from within CEIPAL and much more.

CloudCall CEIPAL CRM Integration

With CloudCall for CEIPAL

We deliver innovative functionality to the fingertips of CEIPAL users.

Industries like Recruitment, HR and Account Management require prompt, efficient and in-depth communications at many touchpoints to succeed in their roles.

CloudCall’s integration with CEIPAL provides your business with the tools for success. With telephony and messaging so tightly integrated into your CRM, you’ll easily optimise your processes from day one; increasing the speed of conversations, building better relationships and producing important insights, all of which are captured within your CRM.

Why CloudCall for CEIPAL?

Seamless user experience

All call controls and messaging capabilities are easily accessible in the CloudCall interface. There’s no need for you to navigate away from your CEIPAL CRM or to operate in multiple tabs, CloudCall is available directly within CEIPAL.

Telephony with Broadcast SMS

There are few competitors who offer telephony with SMS and none that offer one-to-one SMS and Broadcast SMS, allowing you to reach more contacts quickly, easily and boost response rates.

Intelligently rich level of integration

CloudCall is so seamlessly integrated with CEIPAL, that it sets a gold standard for the industry. Intelligent two-way real-time data synchronicity, dynamic workflow triggers, harmoniously embedded UI and strict levels of governance and security sets CloudCall for CEIPAL apart from the competition.

Continuous product innovation

At CloudCall, we invest in our products and partners with an innovative Product Team who are dedicated to bringing new and exciting products and updates to our users. By investing in CloudCall, you’re investing in a fast and proven return on your investment.

How does it work?

Our integration adds telephony functionality directly into the CRM. Our CTI features allow you to make calls directly from CEIPAL and offer a range of ways to enhance your communications. These features boost efficiency and productivity whilst providing your business with a 360° view of all communications with a contact.

Key benefits

Improve Productivity
Our integration was built with you, the user, in mind. We designed it around usability and improving productivity, helping you to get the most out of the platform.

Reduce Spend
Whilst investing in new software can seem counter-intuitive to reducing your business’s costs, smarter spending will help your business in the long-term.

Enhance Conversations
Our features allow you to immerse yourself in each conversation and provide the best possible customer service you can, each and every time.

Capture every interaction
Every interaction you have with a contact is captured and saved within your CEIPAL CRM. Colleagues can quickly and easily access call history of any contact with the CRM.

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