CloudCall for LaborEdge:
supercharging your CRM

Our integration unlocks the power of your LaborEdge system, enabling you to make more calls with Click to Dial, send and store SMS, listen to Call Recordings from within LaborEdge and much more.

With CloudCall for LaborEdge

We deliver innovative functionality to the fingertips of LaborEdge users.

With telephony and messaging so tightly integrated into your CRM, you’ll easily optimise your processes from day one; increasing the speed of conversations, building better relationships and producing important insights, all of which are captured within your LaborEdge CRM. What’s not to love?

In depth look: our features

SMS & Broadcast SMS

It can be beneficial to send out text messages to update patients, contact clients or to send out bulk messages to a list of people. Our solution provides a seamless and easy way to contact your database and syncs this back into each contact’s activity history within LaborEdge.

Voicemail Options

There are different voicemail options which do super-cool things such as let you pre-record voicemail messages and leave them with a click of a button. This not only maximises your productivity, but ensures you always sound professional (and don’t have to strain by reading out the same script over and over!).

Local Presence

Increasing pickup and answer rates is a key priority for businesses and is one of the main factors to consider when selecting a CTI solution. Our Local Presence feature enables you to appear local to the contact you are calling, giving you an area code familiar to that person, to increase the number of calls that are answered.

Inbound Screen Pops

When a contact gives you a call, CloudCall for LaborEdge users will get an on-screen notification with a link to that caller’s record within LaborEdge. This provides users with all the information they need from a contact almost instantly, allowing you to personalise your communications.

Click to Dial

Simply click on a contact’s phone number within LaborEdge (or anywhere on your browser for that matter) to give them a call. Click to Dial saves you time, energy from manually inputting each number and removes the risk of calling a wrong number.

Power Dialler

Power Dialler software automates the process of outbound calling, by dialling numbers from a prepared list. Gone are the days of manually typing in 10’s or even 100’s of phone numbers a day; our diallers will save you and your team lots of time.

Call Recording

Create a library of Call Recordings to help resolve customer issues, monitor performance and teach a best practice approach to new hires. It’s also great to let you fully be within each call, without having to focus on taking notes. P.S., it’s good for GDPR compliance by providing a clear audit trail of consent.

How does it work?

Our integration for LaborEdge adds telephony functionality directly into the CRM. Our CTI features allow you to make calls directly from LaborEdge and offer a range of ways to enhance your communications. These features boost efficiency and productivity whilst providing your business with a 360° view of all communications with a contact.

Key benefits

Improve Productivity
Our integration was built with you, the user, in mind. We designed it around usability and improving productivity, helping you to get the most out of LaborEdge.

Reduce Spend
Whilst investing in new software can seem counter-intuitive to reducing your business’s costs, smarter spending will help your business in the long-term.

Enhance Conversations
Our features allow you to immerse yourself in each conversation and provide the best possible customer service you can, every time.

Capture every interaction
Every interaction you have with a contact is captured and saved within your LaborEdge CRM. Colleagues can quickly and easily access call history of any contact with the CRM.

With CloudCall for LaborEdge,
users will be able to:

  • Increase productivity with streamlined processes
  • Enhance conversations with innovative functionality
  • Capture every interaction (and all-important data insights)
  • Reduce spend, as our integration will save you time and money

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