CloudCall for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Integration.

With CloudCall for Microsoft Teams, you can share contacts, make single click calls, open contact records and sync call activity directly into your CRM via your Microsoft Teams interface. And that’s just the start.

Go Further.

Microsoft Teams has become not just a handy work tool, but a way to stay connected with your network. The CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration pulls information from your existing CRM system and makes details more accessible and useful, within Microsoft Teams. 

Features such as click to call, or opening candidate records, have been added to create smooth and simple processes for the user.

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Microsoft Teams and CloudCall 

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365. Microsoft Teams’ channels allow you to chat to colleagues, meet as a team, call a contact and collaborate with your team.  Microsoft Teams users can hold video meetings at the same time as working on a Word document or send a gif in a group team chat whilst on a video call with a teammate.  

CloudCall’s integration with Microsoft Teams, unlocks the already powerful potential of the Microsoft Teams channels and boosts it to brilliance.

CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integrates with world-class CRM systems.
Free for CloudCall Pro & Advanced Users. *Requires a CRM integration.

In Depth Look: Features

Make a Call
Teams users can make a call to your contacts, directly from the contact cards within the app. The call will be initiated from Microsoft Teams, giving the user the ability to drive the call from within the CRM, instead using multiple devices and interfaces. For new users; things are about to get a lot easier.

Open a CRM contact record
As well as initiating a call through Microsoft Teams, you can open a contact’s CRM records directly from the contact card with a single click. Viewing details about a client, candidate or customer has never been easier. The less time you spend flicking between programmes and channels, the more time can be spent completing your tasks.  The enhanced collaboration benefits will not only save money but also save a lot of time in the long run. 

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Search and Share CRM contacts
Search for contacts within your CRM, directly from your Microsoft Teams app. You can view the contact card and then share this with your colleagues across different channels and conversations, improving collaboration by being able to efficiently access and share the exact same information. 

Call activity sync with CRM
Any calls you make through the contact cards within Microsoft Teams, will be synced to your contact’s activity history within your existing CRM system. Details such as calling times and call recordings will automatically be saved into your CRM for you. Colleagues will be able to efficiently access not just the details of your contacts within the CRM but listen back to any previous conversations via the call recordings. 

Key Benefits

Improve Collaboration
Contact cards can be sent and added to your conversations within Microsoft Teams channels, which if you collaborate often on deals and opportunities, will be especially helpful. Users can share details while on video meetings when discussing key clients and prospects to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Enhance processes 
Send your team contact cards directly, to save your colleagues spending time searching your CRM for the relevant contact. No matter your industry, the CloudCall for Microsoft Teams integration is one step closer to a more productive and communicative day for you and your team.

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CloudCall for Microsoft Teams users can search for CRM contacts directly from Teams and share them with their colleagues in both Chat and Teams Channels.

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