Manage your calling activities directly from your CRM. This will give your teams the opportunity to have more conversations with your customers and prospects.

Make Calls Simple

With CloudCall, you’re only one click away from having a valuable conversation. We make it really easy for you to call your contacts because your time shouldn’t be spent dialing numbers, right? Not only that, but we make it simple for you to dial through an entire list of contacts without actually dialing a single number. With the Power Dialer (Progressive Dialer), you can boost your calling activities quickly and easily, which means that more of your day can be spent speaking to your contacts.

Please Leave a Message After the Tone

We all have those days where we reach just voicemail…after voicemail…after voicemail – with each one that you leave, a variation of the same message. Sometimes, you end up talking for far too long or even worse, forgetting to leave that crucial detail. With CloudCall Voicemail Drop, you can pre-record up to five voicemail messages so that the next time that you hear that ‘beep’, you’ll be able to leave a carefully composed message, with a simple click of a button.

Difficult to Connect?

We know that sometimes, it can be difficult to connect with your contacts because they don’t recognize your number. This can be even more of a challenge if you’re a smaller company and you want to branch out globally. Increase your pick up and connection rates with Local Presence, which allows you to dynamically display a number that is local to the area that you’re calling, increasing the possibility that your contact will answer your call.

Wherever, Whenever

With CloudCall’s dynamic phone system, you’ll be able to work from anywhere because you can setup and use any device for calls. This is ideal for teams and individuals who want to work flexibly. Whether you’re a ‘hot desker’, on the road visiting clients or even in another country – you can use CloudCall’s software, as well as the CloudCall Go! mobile app to make and receive calls, wherever you are (unless you’re on the moon of course – we have our limits).

CRM + CloudCall = Productivity Ninja

Doesn’t it make sense to connect the business tools that you use on a daily basis – how about your CRM and your phone? CloudCall has a deep integration with a huge number of CRM systems from a variety of industries. Why waste time searching for a contact in your CRM, picking up the phone and dialing the number? Then scribbling down notes on a post-it and then oops…misplacing that all important piece of information?

With the CloudCall integration, you can make calls directly from your CRM system, add notes to the contact’s record while you’re on the call, and categorize the call so that you and your team have clear visibility of all of the details. You can even record the full conversation so that your contact’s information is always up to date.


The Data is in the Details

Are you able to track your team’s calling activities? Do you have any insights into which activities lead to the most success? These details can be critical in managing your team’s performance and making sure your staff are working at peak levels. With CloudCall, you’ll have access to all of this important information and company wide metrics or, more importantly, you can drill down and analyze team or individual stats. Always stay one step ahead and make sure that your teams are consistently working as efficiently as possible.

Mitchell Preston-PhypersDirector at Oscar Harrington

“One of the benefits of using CloudCall has been the seamless transition between calling and our database, which saves time as we no longer have to manually dial. ”

Joe KellyCOO, Talon Professional Services

“We're constantly evaluating the tools that are out there on the market and making sure that our teams have access to the best of the best and that's what led us to CloudCall.”

Katie BarrMarketing Manager at Oasis HR

“CloudCall, for us, is simplicity. It's easy to use, it doesn't require a great deal of training and it just makes life a little bit easier.”

Swapnil PatneSalesforce Manager at M.C. Partners

“CloudCall has saved our users time and made them more efficient. Making calls with a single click and having the ability to save and record calls directly to our CRM has massively benefitted our users.”

Claudine EastwoodHead of Operations at Harrington Starr Ltd

“ CloudCall continues to be an easy-to-use feature of our infrastructure. Our consultants spend the majority of their day on calls and CloudCall makes the process incredibly swift and straightforward. ”