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With so many businesses working remotely over the last year, it’s more important than ever to stay connected with your colleagues and your network.

As businesses start making moves to post-pandemic ways of working, many will be wondering how they could have been more prepared.

Understanding why the use of telephony is increasing and how to optimise your phone system is the key to unlocking your success this year.

In 2021 together we can do great things.

We commissioned a series of research papers to explore how businesses are using the phone to have more productive communications. We put our findings into an eGuide, ‘Keep your customers happy: the power of combining data and communication to build better relationships’.

You can download your copy here. (Go on, do it!)

Customers prefer to speak to a human.

In fact, 49% of businesses who have seen a surge in inbound traffic, say it’s because customers want a faster response.

Our research found that nearly half (45%) of customers prefer to use the phone to arrange or change an appointment or service call. It’s clear that customers opt to speak to an agent on the phone to resolve an urgent query quickly.

Phone calls get results.

As businesses try to rebuild customer relationships and sales pipelines, outbound calling is becoming a hot topic.

51% say it is the channel that is most likely to get attention, with 47% reporting it gets the best response rates. Which explains why businesses prioritize voice for arranging service calls and appointments.

That’s not all we found out.

Businesses reaping the rewards of a CRM integration, know that customers enjoy features such as SMS, automated call queues and call recordings. We found that:

  • SMS reminders result in 19% fewer missed appointments.
  • 67% of customers don’t answer the phone if they don’t know who it is.
  • 88% of customers want to know that there’s an initial record of their first conversation, if they need a follow up.

Enter CloudCall.

This is where we come in. Our powerful features support you to not only overcome the obstacles of above, but they let you go above and beyond, to tackle many other challenges that businesses will face this year.

  • Local presence allows you to call from a legitimate number, with an area code local to each customer.
  • SMS functions allow you to contact your customers with updates quickly and easily.
  • Call recordings let your agents access all information from previous interactions.

We helped more businesses than ever last year, to navigate the struggles of rapidly changing markets, with our impressive telephony features and innovative CRM integrations. You can take a look at some more CloudCall features here.

A telephony integration with your CRM. Together they can do great things.

It just clicks. Download our eGuide ‘Keep your customers happy’, now.

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