Phone - Best Customer Service Channel?

Phone – The Most Important Customer Service Channel?

With over 3 billion internet users in the world (and growing), it is essential that businesses can effectively manage their communications with the people that are speaking to them and vice versa. However, with so many channels to choose from, particularly with the growth of social media – how can businesses make sure that they are offering the right communication channels to their customers and prospects and how do they manage these channels and interactions?

Infographic – Are Phones Still the Most Important Customer Service Channel?

Regardless of this growth in internet use, our infographic, “Are phones still the most important customer service channel?” highlights the fact that phones are still very much the primary communication channel that people use when they want to contact a business. Not only do phone communications provide a more personalised experience for the caller but it allows customer service agents to provide the right issue resolution more efficiently, as during a call, they can ask the customers certain questions that will help them diagnose and can therefore enable them to fix the issue.

According to The Northridge Group, Inc’s eBook “State of Customer Service Experience in 2015” – if customers do experience more significant issues, 77% have said that they would be more likely to phone businesses over urgent issues as it has a same day resolution rate of 82% compared to other communications channels including email, social media and online chat.

If this is, indeed, the case, it can be argued that more businesses should ensure that their phone communication channel and the customer service agents that manage them, should have processes in place that will help them to better manage the business’s interactions with its customers. However, research from Harris Interactive, highlighted by Help Scout, has highlighted that 75% of customers believe that it takes too long to reach a live agent – so what can be done to solve this problem?

Our new infographic shares helpful tips that could help you ensure that your phone communication channel runs efficiently and helps your business’s customer service agents interact with your customers more effectively, helping them resolve any queries or issues that arise, as soon as possible.

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