Recruitment CRM Integration

Your phone system is one of the most useful tools in your recruitment team’s arsenal. Recruitment is a fast-paced industry and in order to succeed; companies need a quality recruitment CRM integration to stay ahead of the competition.

At the heart of a successful recruitment team is a quality recruitment CRM integration

CloudCall was designed and created with recruiters in mind. We filled our solution with features that will enhance productivity, save time and store communications. Quite simply, we make your day-to-day work life easier. When you manage your CRM system and your calls separately, you miss out on important data about your processes; what’s working and what isn’t.

We know it can be difficult to research recruitment CRM integrations and communications platforms. We’ve made it as simple as possible for you on this page, to understand why an integration is so important, how CloudCall will benefit your business and why we stand ahead of the competition. Let’s take a look.

CloudCall integrates with your existing recruitment CRM, to help your business thrive

With a CloudCall recruitment CRM integration, you can:

  • Enhance training, monitoring and compliance, by compiling a library of past calls.
  • Generate powerful business intelligence and reporting by syncing all call data into your CRM system.
  • Easily oversee your team and offer crucial support during live calls, with real-time data and call stats.

Our features that recruiters love

Click to Dial & VM drop

Make calls with a single click, or leave one of up to five custom pre-recorded voicemails instantly

Supervisor Panel

Get an instant birds-eye view of what calls are being conducted when, for how long and whether or not they hit the mark

CRM Integration

Everything you and your team need to succeed in one place, from calls to SMS

CloudCall Go!

Easily monitor and record calls on the move, even from personal devices

In-Call Consent Capture

Capture verbal consent to store and use customer data including call recordings while on the phone

Broadcast SMS

Send bulk text messages in a cost-effective way to multiple CRM records at once

How you get more value out of your CRM with CloudCall

“Our platform provides business intelligence by capturing your calls, chats, collaborations and stores them within your CRM.”

Which means; if you speak to someone, the conversation is saved in your CRM. And if you speak to them again, your previous conversation is on your system and it’s easily obtainable.

It’s all about building relationships in recruitment and we have seen the importance of this grow further since we’ve been working remotely. There’s been an increase in the use of, call back requests, Voicemail Drop; and simply being able to contact people and build those relationships easily, from home.

For recruiter’s, they’re always thinking ‘how can I fill that job? And how can I fill it faster?’.

“Everything that we do at CloudCall, is about making those processes and interactions speedier and simplified.”
Diogo Coutinho, Chief Product Officer, CloudCall.

Don’t just take our word for how much we can benefit your recruitment business, see what our customers have to say about our integrations below:

“Time is money in our industry… CloudCall is all about reducing steps, documentation capability, & data transparency across the organization.”

Anastasia Valentine,
Managing Partner,
Resource 1

Full Case Study

“You just can’t get much better than CloudCall for Vincere. I’ve got no intention of going elsewhere.”

Spencer Symmons,
CPS Group

Full Case Study

“If it’s not integrated with Bullhorn, we don’t consider it. Other platforms have integrations, but they’re not truly integrated with Bullhorn.”

Brian Cunningham,
Managing Director,
Allen Recruitment

Full Case Study

Recruiters spend a lot of time making calls to their candidates and clients, whilst trying to write down notes, add them to their contact records and hold a conversation at the same time.

By using a phone system like CloudCall, which stores all your communications in the contact’s CRM record, you can fully immerse yourself in every conversation, safe in the knowledge that CloudCall is in the background saving that all important information.

Did you know that 52% of businesses say that a lack of integration into a CRM system is slowing them down on the phone?

When you manage your CRM system and your calls separately, you miss out on important data about your processes; what’s working and what isn’t. By combining the two, you are able to access the all-important data from your calls and then use that data to further benefit your business.

Implementing integrated communications into your recruitment CRM system using CloudCall is straightforward and highly cost effective, facilitating a clear return on investment.

Being able to automatically monitor your teams’ calls and stats provides you with an accurate, instant and realistic view of what’s going on. That’s why CloudCall has real-time monitoring features built in, so you’re always up to date.

Exceeding your goals, gaining back precious lost time, maintaining standards and squeezing the best from your candidate information doesn’t have to mean working harder – just smarter.

Our eGuide, ‘Recruit the best performer: Solving recruitment problems with CloudCall’, explains the positive impact that introducing a CRM integration can have on your business.

Benefits of having CloudCall as your recruitment CRM integration

There are endless ways in which integrating your phone system with your CRM can benefit your recruitment business.
Here’s four CloudCall benefits that recruiters love:

Improve Productivity
Our integrations are designed with around usability and increasing productivity, helping you get the most out of your CRM.

Reduce Spend
Investing in new software can seem counter-intuitive, but smarter spending can help your business grow in the long-term.

Enhance Conversations
Improve your conversations and your customer service by ensuring all your past interactions are stored in your contact’s CRM record.

Increase efficiency
Streamline your workflows by improving the efficiency of your processes, to make daily admin tasks quicker and easier.

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