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Recruitment technology trends for 2022

By February 16, 2022Recruitment, Technology
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Recruitment technology is constantly evolving and 2022 will be no different.

We spoke to experts from within CloudCall, as well as from the wider recruitment and technology industries, about their predictions for the rest of the year and what will be the biggest trends from within the sector.

Before we go zooming into the future, let’s see what lessons our experts learned in 2021. And, most importantly, how these lessons will shape the course of 2022.

Klaas Ardinois is Chief Technology Officer at CloudCall. His experience includes working in software and digital engineering and as CTO for Global media companies, and start-ups alike. On lessons he learnt in 2021, he says:

“The most obvious lesson we learned in 2021, is that the office had a very different role in our lives. At the end of 2020 we thought the pandemic would pass and we would be happily back in our offices. However 2021 has proven that hybrid working is a sustainable way of working for many businesses.”

“For our team, we don’t really look at location as much when hiring new starters. It opens many doors for us and allows us to work with a wider range of talent.”

Trends for 2022

There will be a lot of change within the tech industry and especially for recruitment technology this year. Automation will play a key role. And ensuring quality candidate engagement will enable recruiters to fill the vast amounts of vacancies there are right now. Our experts tell us more:

Klaas says “For the CRM industry, ‘working from anywhere’ will be a huge trend this year. A challenge for businesses will be the ability to cater for all remote workers. Whether they have an amazing home office set up, or are on a beach connected to 3G. This sort of thing is going to drive a lot of new and interesting recruitment technology.”

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“The challenge will be ‘how can businesses build a user experience, that can bridge both of these worlds’?”

James Page is Product Manager at CloudCall. His expertise lies in speech technology and NLP, machine learning, digital media, Martech and networking. He tells us:

“In 2022, we will be looking at making our integrations as seamlessly integrated as possible. Ensuring that each and every user has the best possible experience using our product.”

“We’re going to make sure that everything we do is focused on making that journey as easy as possible for our customers.”

Rise of automation

James says: “This year, I think we’ll see a bigger shift towards automation and people utilizing it more in the way they work. Following a huge rise in automation and AI in the latter half of 2021, I think it’s only going to get bigger this year. Everyone is talking about it right now.”

“People are finding it difficult to find staff right now. By handing a lot of the manual work on searching for candidates over to the machines, it will allow recruiters to spend more time on contacting candidates and providing them with the best possible experience.”

Lisa Jones, Founder and Director at Barclay Jones says: “2022 needs to be about cutting out the fluff and getting on with “the good stuff”. Recruiters need to get back on the phone, source quicker, convert warm calls, and make more placements.”

“Recruitment automation’s purpose is to create time and turbo in your recruitment business. Think:  how can you automate your process, data and systems, so your Recruiters and Resourcers can really drive sourcing and sales.”

Klaas says: “It will be interesting to look at the rise of AR and where, potentially in the future, CloudCall could integrate with these programmes. It would be cool to see how we could move from video calls into 3D conversations or virtual meeting rooms.”

“For CloudCall in 2022, we have new levels of investment that we’ve never had before. It brings with it new opportunities for us to grow bigger and faster. That alone is really exciting, not just for us, but for our partners and customers also.”

“We can’t wait to present our new and improved mobile app to our users this year. This going to enable them to work smarter, quicker and easier, no matter where they are based.”

Enhancing candidate engagement

Daniel Fox, Marketing Manager at Mercury told us: “The trends I predict this year is getting closer to candidates. It’s all about candidate attraction, retaining and engaging those candidates.”

“Recruiters need to be spending as much time with them as possible, which then leads back to automation. How can recruiters automate that process of staying in contact with people?”

Andy Hallett, Co-Founder at RecWired predicts that in 2022: “The rising cost of living will drive wage inflation with the top talent able to command premiums from their current or prospective employers. This will put further strain on firms currently unable to fill their existing vacancies.”

James tells us: “People are used to working from home, and receiving texts to update them about things, they don’t necessarily need to speak to humans anymore to get the answers they may want for things. Having automations in place to keep in touch with colleagues and customers don’t just work well, but actually work better for some people.”

“Hybrid working doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. And actually people are finding an increase in productivity for people working at home. However there seems to be a drop off in engagement, so it will be interesting to see how companies take on these challenges this year.”

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“We’re currently trialling and testing our transcription feature, which will sync conversations back into users CRMs, being an additional source of data for our customers to use.

“The market has become very candidate-led, with each candidate receiving multiple offers,” says Robert Greening, Senior Sales Manager, CloudCall. “Organizations will have to really focus on their employer branding to secure the most qualified applicants.”

Joshua Pines, VP International Alliances at Bullhorn says: “Underpinned by the rapid digitization our industry has undergone since the pandemic began, 2022 will bring an increased focus on the empowerment of talent, both inside and outside your four walls.”

“That means more and better mobile technology to allow for self-service for the workers you place and their hiring managers. That means more of a culture of responsibility for your teams as we work towards a new normal of hybrid-working. And that means more automation throughout hiring and management processes to minimize low-value activities while increasing the impact of high-value activities.”

We spoke to Joshua at the Recruitment Agency Expo last week about talent engagement, you can watch back here:

In 2022, recruitment businesses will need to re-evaluate their current strategies and technologies, to ensure they have the best tools available to fill these roles. Investing in recruitment technology that enables them to do their job more efficiently will be key in success for recruiters.

To find out how CloudCall can help your recruitment business achieve success this year, take a look here.

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