Rejection As A Salesperson - How Do You Get Over It?

Rejection in Sales – How To Get Over It

By December 4, 2014Sales


Rejection comes with the territory in sales, no matter how good you are. According to Ovation Sales Group, it takes 8 call attempts to even get a prospect on the phone, and only a tiny fraction of those contacts will become customers. With odds like that, how do sales teams keep up their morale?

At CloudCall, our business development reps are on the front lines and face rejection daily. Our guys know their stuff and work hard, but the very nature of the job means they have to get through a lot of “no’s” before they reach a “yes.” So I asked our reps Ted, James and Ryan, how do you deal with rejection?


I cope with rejection by thinking of the “no ladder.” Every day is a ladder and every phone call is rung. Each no is getting you higher on the ladder with a yes at the top. Sometimes it’s a five-story building and sometimes it’s just ten feet. You never know. This perspective allows me to be thankful for small rejections and no’s because I’m one step closer to the person who is going to say yes.

Also, on really tough days I try to focus on separating role from identity. No matter how bad of a day you have, it never affects your identity as a person. It’s just a role. You have to stay positive about yourself and your abilities or you won’t be able to do well tomorrow.


Sales is a numbers game and you need to treat it that way. Keep in mind it’s a marathon, not a sprint. One bad day, or even a bad week, doesn’t mean you can’t come back. Remind yourself that you’ve had slumps before and gotten back on track.

Learn from the no’s, but also remember that sometimes a no is just a no and there is no great lesson to be learned. Just move on and don’t waste your time worrying about it.


I try to break up the good calls and the bad. You know there are some leads that are better than others, so I’ll do a bunch of tough calls and then break it up with calls to more promising prospects. That way it won’t be too many no’s in a row.

I also embrace the competitive side of sales and try to turn it into a game. Competition is a good motivator.

Stay even-keeled. If you have a really good day, try not to feel too high and mighty. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Just let that success motivate you through your tough days.

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