Customer guide to enable remote working

In the midst of the COVID 19 situation remote work is suddenly a new choice for many businesses and an overnight requirement for some. We want to reassure you that at CloudCall, we have it covered. Wherever we’re working from, we will still provide you with the same level of service you are accustomed to, ensuring business as usual.
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CloudCall’s operational capabilities

CloudCall takes the welfare of its employees and the continuation of business to our Customers very seriously.  We have actively taken measures to ensure that our employees can work from home and have full access to the systems they need to minimise any disruption in service.

We have provided guidance to staff on appropriate cleanliness & hygiene measures whilst at the same time distributing hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes in each office.  We have also banned all non-essential World Wide travel to help keep our employees safe and any employee who has taken personal time out and been to any of the category A or B infected regions have been asked to self-isolate at home for the appropriate period.

We are actively communicating to staff and keeping abreast of WHO guidelines and respective Government directions and will ensure we change our guidance to our employees Wolrd Wide accordingly.

CloudCall is taking this matter very seriously but we believe we have the plans in place to continue our support to Customers to ensure continuity of business and all our employees are working hard to ensure that our Customers are well supported

Abigail Wilkinson

Chief People Officer

Guidance for using CloudCall to enable effective remote working

We’ve put together a guide to assist in transitioning your CloudCall service to home working

Your login details can be found in the customer portal.

Please see detailed information within the guides located under each option below.

I want to setup CloudCall Communicator on my Android phone or Chromebook.

Follow the guidance in Option 7, this will get your users up and running quickly.

I need to setup all of my campaign agents to work from home, what are my options?

a. Do they also receive direct calls to their personal DDI’s?

Option 2 or option 3

b. No, they only handle campaign calls

Option 1

I have several calling groups that route calls to various teams, some of which are working at home, what should I do?

a. If they still need to handle incoming calls

Option 2 or option 3

b. If other staff will handle those calls for time being

Option 6

I have an inbound call centre and all calls come in via an IVR then to a team that are in a campaign, they do not make outbound calls, some or all of the team are working from home:

Option 1 would be the best approach but Option 2 and Option 3 would also work.

Alternatively you could temporarily disable some of your agents using Option 5.

Note: do not use Option 4 in this scenario.

Can I take my normal desk phone home, plug it in and start using it?

Yes you can, but please be aware that you will also have to take the Power Supply with you if it has one.

If you do not have a standalone power supply you will be using POE (Power Over Ethernet) which means your office equipment provides a direct power source via the network cable, if your home equipment does not provide POE then you will need to source a Power Supply, or use one of our other alternative options.

*To find out if your equipment supports POE please refer to the manufacturers support page.

My Cloudcall Communicator won't sign in or gives an error message when I am connected to a VPN, but works fine when I am not. How can I resolve this?

Please add an exception rule to your VPN configuration for our IP Address Range.

  • /24  for the UK Platform
  • /24 for the US Platform.

You may need your local IT Team, IT Support Company, or whoever set up the VPN for you to assist with this. If you have problems Contact support.

Option 1

Option 1 - Use Click Devices.

Use Click Devices.

It is important that your employees set themselves as Offline in the plugin that they use when they are not available to take any calls, this prevents our system from routing calls to them and avoids their personal voicemail receiving business calls.

Note: for outbound calls your employees will need to ensure that they answer the incoming call to whichever phone they choose to work from (this then initiates the outbound call).

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Option 3

Option 3 - Install and configure CloudCall Communicator (can be installed on any Windows PC or Mac, personal or business).

Install and configure CloudCall Communicator (can be installed on any Windows PC or Mac, personal or business).

*You will require a subscription/license to access the CloudCall Communicator. Please contact your Account Manager if you require a license.


Application Installs:

Chrome Extension

CloudCall Communicator – Mac

CloudCall Communicator – Windows

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Option 4

Option 4 - Configure forwarding on your users accounts to an alternative number.

Configure forwarding on your users accounts to an alternative number.


Option 5

Option 5 - Disabling campaign agents.

Disabling campaign agents.

    • Login to your CloudCall Portal and Navigate to Campaigns Under the Control Menu.
    • Select Manage Campaigns from the sub menu.
    • In your list of Campaigns locate the one you wish to modify and click on it’s name in the Campaign column.
    • When the Campaign Configuration has loaded, scroll down and select Campaign Agents.
    • You will now see a list of all active and inactive members of the campaign.
    • You can add or remove them entirely by selecting Add/remove agents on the right hand side.
    • We recommend that for temporary changes you individually Deactivate any agents who you do not want taking calls.


Option 6

Option 6 - Change members of a Calling Group.

Change members of a Calling Group.

    • You can do this by logging into your CloudCall Portal.
    • Goto Service Accounts and locate the Calling Group you wish to modify and select Configure on the right hand side.
    • In the lower half of the screen go to the Group Members tab.
    • You can now modify who calls are delivered to.
    • We suggest that rather than removing people you just disable them temporarily.


Option 7

Option 7 - I want to setup CloudCall Communicator on my Android phone or Chromebook.

I want to setup CloudCall Communicator on my Android phone or Chromebook.

We have adapted the CloudCall Communicator for Chromebooks app to make it compatible with Android phones too, it will allow your users to work from home on their mobiles or a Chromebook as if they were sitting at their desk.  It is basically a version of the Communicator that many people are used to using on their computers.  Please use these two guides to get people up and running:

NOTE: if you already use CloudCall Communicator then you can simply sign in to the Android version and begin working.  If you normally use desk phones or any other device then you may not have available licenses, please contact your account manager who can arrange for some to be assigned to you.

Install from the Play Store

Installation Guide

User Guide


Application Download:

CloudCall Communicator – Chromebook


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