Sales Competition: Fun Ideas To Get Your Competitive Juices Flowing!

Sales Competitions: Fun Ideas To Get The Competitive Juices Flowing!

By August 15, 2014Productivity, Sales

CompetitionNot every day at the office can feel like a trip to Vegas, but there are ways you can bring the thrill of victory into your day to day routine. Creating sales competitions and games is a great way to up the ante for your team, leading to more productivity and more fun.

Check out these ideas.

March Madness

Create a bracket with different objectives for each round. You can also organize the bracket by sales region or some other grouping so that once players are eliminated they can still root for their “home” region. Reward the winner with sports tickets or another sports related prize.

Sales Jenga

Break out your old Jenga set from the basement and use it to prevent bad habits. For example, every time you say a forbidden sales word/phrase you have to take out a Jenga piece. Whoever lets it fall buys the team a round of drinks.


At the beginning of the month, each sales rep bets they can get a certain number of demos booked. They write a wager on a piece of paper – like a coffee, or valeting someone’s car for them – and throws it in the pot. At the end of the month, whoever has the most demos and has met or exceeded their goal, gets to collect the pot.


Designate a goal and every time it’s achieved the player gets to pick a card from the deck. Whoever is holding the poker best hand at the end of the day wins. This is a great way to incentivize small good habits like labeling lead sources or categorizing calls.


Divide your sales team into countries and have a quarter long series of individual events like speed dialing (who can dial the fastest), data keeping (who has the most complete set of data), and extra-curricular activities (what team does the most for other departments outside of sales, like writing a blog post, beta testing a product, etc.). At the end of the quarter, the teams get ranked by overall scores to be placed into Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Let the games begin!

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