Salesforce World Tour London: Celebrating Salesforce Trailblazers

Celebrating Salesforce Trailblazers at the Salesforce World Tour in London

Salesforce World Tour 2019 in London on May 23rd focused on ways to improve the customer experience. It has been incredible to see how much the #Ohana has grown since CloudCall first attended World Tour in London back in 2014! Here’s an in-depth recap of the day-long event: 

“We’re living in a time of incredibly profound change.” 

Paul Smith, EVP & GM at Salesforce UK 

In a packed keynote session from Salesforce UK GM, Paul Smith, discussed the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the impact of connectivity to drive more profound and revolutionary customer experiences.  

With more mobile devices than people around the world and more ways for people to connect and communicate with each other, Paul highlighted the importance for businesses to have a single view of a customer to engage and servthem at every single touch point.   

The Salesforce ecosystem is driving focus on customer experiences, through the applications that they have built and acquired including Einstein and MuleSoft, and through the integration of third-party applications via the Salesforce AppExchange. 

“Growth and Comfort never Co-Exist.”  

Gina Rometty, Chairman & CEO of IBM 

In Tiffani Bova’s session around driving business growth and innovation, she shared the ten strategies to drive growth with a focus on sales optimization and the customer experience. 

Her advice? To start with the context of the market: Who are your customers today? Why did they buy from you? Why didn’t they choose to buy from you? By looking across the internal and external landscape, you can identify the combination of growth paths that your business should take. The order in which you choose to implement these growth paths is equally important. This sequence has implications on your successful growth. 

“Customers will remember the experience they have with a brand (or person) much longer than the price they paid.” 

Tiffani Bova, Best-Selling Author of GrowthIQ 

Tiffani highlighted the Customer Experience as one of the top conversations for brands, with 68% of organizations expecting to emphasize customer experience over product conversations in the future. Tiffani’s analysis revealed that companies that excel in the customers’ experience grow their revenue 4-8% above the market.  

CloudCall proudly shared the Demo Jam stage with Xactly, AutoRABITSalesTrip and ShowPad to present our integrated solution to the Salesforce #Ohana through a three-minute live demonstration. 

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