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Save Time, Sell More

By April 16, 2015Productivity, Sales

I’ve been working in sales for a number of years now and there has always been pressure to sell more, with each quarter your target getting a little higher.  We are naturally competitive and want to beat our colleagues and to be the top salesperson pushing us to strive for more sales.

As the Head of Sales, I have learnt some key skills on how to save time to achieve more sales.

Here are some top tips on how I save time and sell more.

Plan your day, before you start your day:  There is a temptation to get to work and just jump straight in. Stop. Just a few minutes of planning your day can help you save a lot of time. Brian Tracy, author of Time Management, highlights in his blog that ‘planning for just one minute can save you 10 minutes of work later’. Plan which customers you will be following up today. If you are prospecting, how are you going to research them? What key information do you need?

Do the most important job first: Important tasks help you to achieve your long term goals and are crucial to your success. An urgent task is often a task you’ve been deferring until your boss is jumping up and down for it. The Eisenhower decision matrix shows you how to sort your tasks and helps to prevent days that would have been spent fire fighting and achieving very little.

Compress your time: Give yourself deadlines. Challenging yourself to meet a deadline helps you to keep your focus.  Make 30 prospecting calls by 11am or follow up last Tuesday’s prospects before lunch. It doesn’t matter what it is, working under a bit of pressure helps to keep you on track.

Focus on one task at a time: Work on one task at a time and see it through to conclusion before starting the next task. Add your call notes, put the next call in your diary and then move on. Don’t leave these loose ends undone. It is impossible to remember everything. Don’t run the risk of forgetting a salient point, or important time scale for order and so on.

Keep call notes:  As a customer, there is nothing more frustrating than having to remind the agent the content of the last call. Keep your call notes, update the system.  Not only does this help you make more professional follow up calls, you will be saving time as you can go straight into your call and pick up from where it was last left, without frantically trying to gather facts from your customer at the start of your call.

Have a leaving time: We all have a starting time for work and core hours to adhere too but how often do you leave on time? Are you regularly still sat at your desk working when your colleagues have gone? Give yourself a leaving time. Defining the time you need to leave the office or switch the computer off gives you a deadline to get what you need finished.

Embrace new technology: The introduction of technology that works in harmony with your CRM can help you save time.

As a salesperson, you need to give yourself as many opportunities to sell per day as possible… Why not try one of these tips each day for the next week, or simply visit our time savings calculator to see how much time you could save in a day, week or month.

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