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Save time with inbound screen pops for recruitment

By April 14, 2022Product, Recruitment
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Recruiters: we know time management can be difficult. Calling candidates, typing numbers, writing down every detail as fast as possible. Then you find out you’re missing some of that information and have to call them back 20 minutes later. We get it.

That’s why, when we build our CloudCall integrations, we do so with recruiters in mind. We talk to people within the recruitment industry, to see what features they’d like as part of their systems. And how CloudCall can make their lives easier. 

Enter: inbound screen pops for recruitment

Let us set the scene… You’re sat at your desk and get a call. With Inbound Screen Pops from CloudCall, you get a pop-up notification, showing you who’s calling.

The caller is a superstar candidate. And before you have even answered the phone, you have been able to identify who the caller is, brought up their CRM record ready to go and (if you’re quick) had a little read through their call notes, to see what your previous chats have been about.

Being able to quickly identify the caller, have their notes in front of you and remind yourself of past communications enables you to provide a personalized experience every single time you chat to a contact.

And even better, the pop-up not only tells you who’s calling, but if you click into it, it brings up the caller’s CRM records.

You can stay in the moment and immerse yourself in conversations. No more scrabbling around looking for old notes or forgetting who the caller is. All your calls are captured and stored in the CRM record of each contact.

Logging of your recruitment teams  past calls and communications will allow you to easily train new employees remotely, too. You can pull up examples of best practice, what questions to ask candidates and how to control a heated situation. All made possible using the past calls from your colleagues. Thats the power of inbound screen pops for recruitment.

CloudCall was built with recruiters in mind. Click here to find out how we can help your recruitment team to thrive.

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