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Snowball your sales with CloudCall

By November 29, 2021Sales
snowball your sales with cloudcall

The holidays are nearly here and we’re feeling festive!  

The work parties, mulled wine and spending time with your friends and family are here. Those long days in front of the television, seeing how much cheese you can fit in your mouth at once, are back again. 

But just because people are starting to wind down, it doesn’t mean your sales have to!  

In fact, now is the best time to get a head start on the competition for next year. The best way for you to boost your sales for 2022, is to put in an action plan now. Then you can still relax and see how much cheese you can…you get the picture.  

Ensuring productivity can be hard, especially when your team is remote or hybrid and even more so around the holidays. Luckily, we have some great features for managers and supervisors to help motivate, keep track of and support your Sales Team.

Here’s how to snowball your sales with CloudCall 

Call Analytics  

Supercharge your agent’s day-to-day calls to boost your sales this festive season. Call reports and real-time dashboards let you access advanced analytics on all communications, both in and out. Monitor your team’s activity, see which calls are active and see which agents are making progress, all in real-time.  

Call Recordings 

You can record, store and playback calls from any of your agent’s back catalogue of conversations, at any time. By recording all communications, you can assess the quality of customer interactions and find best in practice conversations. You can then use the recordings to train new employees, which is helpful when onboarding recruits remotely.   

Customer Service  

With the supervisor panel, you can easily monitor your agents and provide training and development. Listen into live calls, offer support and interact with agents all without the customer knowing. This helps new agents to learn the ropes whilst on the job.   

Broadcast SMS  

If you find it time consuming to get into contact with multiple prospects at once, you can try broadcast messaging. Create and send an SMS to boost reach and response rates, share information on a product or invite multiple contacts to an online event at the same time. Use this text function as a quick way to provide updates to your contacts, saving you a lot of time, which is always good.   

Using a mix of the above features will enable you to snowball your sales with CloudCall for the rest of 2021 and get a head start on the competition for 2022.  

As other companies start to slow down, now is the best time to speed up.  

Don’t forget, this festive season may still be a bit different. Lots of people will be spending a lot more time at home and therefore on their devices. Sending that text or email may just be the difference between making an extra sale or not!  

woman on laptop doing sales with cloudcall

Why not treat your team to the gift of quality conversations this Christmas? What more could anyone ask for under the virtual tree? 

Take a look at our CRM integrations here to discover how CloudCall could seamlessly embed itself into your work life.  

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