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StaffingTec365 Roundup

StaffingTec, a leading recruitment industry eventhas been a highlight for CloudCall for the past several years. Last week CloudCall was a silver sponsor of the first virtual StaffingTec365In addition to meeting with industry leaders across the nation, the digital format allowed attendees to participate in discussions and presentations rooted in the innovations of staffing technology and methodology 

Taking part in a virtual event reinforced the need to adapt to the ‘new norm’ in a way that is best suited for an individual’s personal life and work structure. This message was echoed in the first discussion of the day. Maurice Fuller, the founder of StaffingTec, sat down with the founder of TalentTech Labs, Brian Delle Donne, to speak about the Future of Recruitment Process Automation. The conversation spanned remote work enablement, tactics to maintain happy employees, and the underlying factor that more organizations are considering technology options to implement their new workflows. This, of course, means that in 2020, truly successful recruitment companies are turning their focus to the technology sector 

The panel Digital Staffing: Candidate Sourcing and Recruitingfeaturing Appcast, CyberCoders, Leap Consulting, and TalentNet Mediacontinuethe theme of technologyThe dialogue focused on how to approach sourcing and recruiting while in changing technological landscape. The following are key takeaways on the elements impacted by a more technological and digital environment and how to successfully adapt to it.  

Personal Recruiter Brand 

With the majority of the recruiting industry working in a remote environment the challenge is not the standard workings of your role, it’s getting seen. It’s encouraged more than ever for recruiters to have an increased digital presence and develop their personal brand. Utilizing platforms such as LinkedIn, gives the opportunity to build your reputation as an expert in your sector and become a valuable resource to your audienceCreating, sharing, and liking content related to job roles, will also broaden visibilityUsing LinkedIn’s algorithm will not only highlight a recruiter’s profile but will allow your organization to be more prevalent in the industries that you are selling to.  

Company Brand 

In today’s age candidates want to know the cultural feel of a company before submitting an application. This heightens the significance of having the full view of a company presented online. Being that culture also impacts the onboarding and training process, advice that recruiters and staffing agents can provide to clients is to create a video discussing your remote culture to draw in promising candidates. Speaking about how you train, who you are as a company, as well as quotes from your current employees will go a long way.  

Using Technology in a Changing Landscape 

Due to the pandemic The Cares Act was signed into law to provide economic assistance, but as that ends on July 31 there will be massive increase in available and active candidates. How will organizations successfully source and organize the saturation of data? Sourcing, productivity, and data management tools will be more necessary than ever as the race to placements and quality candidates speeds up in the coming months.  

These were just a few of the takeaways from the impactful discussion at StaffingTec365Looking forward to the continuing conversations during the 11 digital events that StaffingTec will offer in 2020.  

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