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Stressed at work? You need to take control of your communications

By April 6, 2022Product
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Do you ever feel stressed at work? Feel like you’re losing control of your calls, forgetting notes and generally not sure what is going on?

If only there was a way to keep all your communications in one handy place (your CRM)….IF ONLY.

Well today is your lucky day, as that’s exactly what a CloudCall integration does.

A CRM integration not only provides seamless communications and information for your Customer Service Agents, but also gives Managers and Supervisors a birds-eye view of how their team is performing.

It’s important to ensure your agents have an up-to-date phone system. After all,  phone calls are the most important form of communication for customers. In fact, 56% of customers say that calling is the fastest way to get a response.

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CloudCall was built with you in mind. Our integrations have tonnes of handy features to provide your Team with the tools to give quality customer service, take control of their communications and all safe in the knowledge that their calls and chats are saved into the CRM system.

See your stats in real time

The Supervisor Panel shows you dashboards, where you can see which agents are on calls, how long for, and lets you listen in to the calls. Features like Monitor, Whisper and Barge give Supervisors the chance to provide in-call support and suggestions during live calls and help facilitate better conversations.

Capture all communications

Using a CloudCall CRM integration means all of your communications are recorded and stored within the CRM system itself. This gives you a back catalogue of best practice call recordings to train new and existing agents.

Never forget another conversation

Using Call Logs in tandem with Call Recordings means all agents have access to the same customer information. Creating one single source of truth, if you will. And even better, Inbound Screen Pops bring up customer records whenever they call. With a single click, you’re able to see past calls and outcomes, so you’re more prepared than ever before.

Stay local

With CloudCall’s Local Presence feature, your agents make calls using a local phone number to the customer, no matter where they’re calling from! This boosts the amount of calls picked up as customers can feel more comfortable answering to a local number.

Want to find out a bit more about how CloudCall can help you feel less stressed at work by doing the hard work for you? We thought so. Find out more, here.

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