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Submit and fill jobs faster, with CloudCall, Bullhorn and Monster

By July 27, 2021News
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Last month we joined Bullhorn and Monster for a webinar to discuss how we help customers automate their processes and reduce their time to fill jobs.

Don’t worry if you missed out; you can catch up on all the action here.

The panel of experts included:

  • Jonathan Croft, Director of Sales for CloudCall
  • Matt Lavoie, Team Lead, Sr. Solutions Consultant for Bullhorn
  • Keith Weightman, RVP of National Accounts for Bullhorn
  • Danny Ashraf, Director of Sales for Monster

We had a great time joining the panel for what was an insightful and interesting demonstration on available technology within the recruitment sphere. They showed in detail how CloudCall, Bullhorn and Monster can come together to bring you the perfect partnership of a CRM system with added telephony integration.

“It’s all about automation. About looking at your entire tech stack and how that tech stack can be combined together to allow for the best possible experience for the user.” – Matt Lavoie, Bullhorn.

In the webinar, the panel discussed:

  • The new customer journey (specifically automation)
  • How and where should you start?
  • Optimize your tech stack with the bullhorn marketplace
  • Submit and fill jobs faster product demonstration

“Time is of paramount importance. It’s what we monitor, what we’re aware of, what we do our best to preserve. Bullhorn, Monster and CloudCall save you hours of time, by simplifying processes which now take minutes.” – Jonathan Croft, CloudCall.

You can watch the webinar and demonstration on-demand, here.

No other vendor is as tightly integrated with Bullhorn

Recruitment is a fast-paced sector that relies on prompt, efficient communications throughout the customer journey to deliver the best in field candidates.

CloudCall integrates with Bullhorn to provide your recruitment business with the tools needed to win the race. With telephony and messaging tools that are so tightly integrated with Bullhorn, you’ll have the edge in:

  • optimising your customer journey
  • increasing the speed of conversations
  • building better relationships
  • producing game changing business insights

…all of which are captured within your Bullhorn CRM.

If you would like to learn a bit more about how CloudCall for Bullhorn could benefit your business, then take a look here.

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