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A Successful 2014: SYNETY Thanks You For A Great Year!

By December 23, 2014News

It’s been a successful 2014 at SYNETY; one full of exciting changes and major achievements.

2014 saw the expansion of SYNETY into the US market and the delivery of our US platform, allowing us to better serve our customers in the US and Canada. On July 1st, we opened the doors to our US headquarters located at 745 Atlantic Ave in downtown Boston, Massachusetts. Boston was specifically selected due to the quality infrastructure, workforce potential and vicinity to our UK office.

The launch of our US platform provides our customers with a local and more resilient connection, offering better service and improved call quality. For our data centre in the US, we chose the Markley Group’s One Summer Street facility because of its reputation for security and reliability. We also joined the Boston Internet Exchange (BOSIX) allowing us to optimise our network performance, reduce latency and maintain low costs.

Our UK team has also expanded, outgrowing our office space and prompting relocation to a new office at 1 Colton Square, Leicester. We’ve settled in to the modern facility, which is perfect for our growing team. The office move in May resulted in significant infrastructure changes – through the creation of direct links to our data centres located worldwide, making our systems more redundant, as well as deploying a distributed storage system across the UK and the US.

One of the biggest technical achievements this year was the deployment of a new virtual server platform, leading to reduced systems costs, power and space requirements across the UK and the US. This provides us with the scalability and flexibility to easily create new systems.

In addition to our office expansions, our product has expanded as well. In 2014, we added 13 new integrations with companies like Netsuite, Influence and Chameleon-i, among others. We’ve also added essential features to our CloudCall product, with a specific focus on customer requests.

The most notable product addition came in September with the launch of Campaigns, an Inbound Automated Call Distribution and Outbound Power Dialler, which allows sales and support teams to manage larger call volumes more efficiently. This new feature is available to all of our Contact Centre customers.

Another important product development was our Salesforce1 application, which launched in August of 2014. For Salesforce users on the go, CloudCall now works on their mobile and tablet devices.

We had the opportunity to showcase CloudCall at several events in both the UK and the US, including Bullhorn Live and Dreamforce. This provided us with valuable face-to-face conversations with prospects and customers, giving us a greater insight into the needs surrounding CRM and telephony solutions.

While 2014 was a successful year for SYNETY, we are excited for what 2015 holds. With the CRM market expanding and becoming more agile, the need for unified sales and support communications with a company’s contact database will become integral. At SYNETY, we look forward to being a key part of that advanced communications solution.

Thank you to all of our customers and partners who have shared in our journey so far and made it a successful 2014. We look forward to another exciting and successful year in 2015!


Mark Seemann, CEO and Co-Founder

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