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Supply of Candidates Remains a Challenge in the UK

By March 5, 2019News, Recruitment

Currently, there are not enough candidates available in the UK, so the power has shifted from employer to job seeker.  

Employment statistics from The UK Office for National Statistics (ONS) for the last quarter of 2018 show the labour, skills and talent shortage continue to be a challenge for businesses. 

Unemployment in the UK falls at just 4.0%; this is the lowest rate since February 1975. With businesses looking to grow, the number of vacancies has steadily increased to 853,000 from October to December 2018. This shows consistent growth in the last 12 months, but also matches the previous highest number of vacancies since records began in 2001. Against a backdrop of political uncertainty in the UK, it is encouraging to see most of the new jobs have been full-time. The market, which often spoke about flexible working, zero-hours contracts and part-time employment, has shifted to holding a record-breaking 24 million full-time jobs.  

However, organizations are having difficulty finding the right people. The number of candidates looking for work has reached the lowest levels since the 70’s and the scarcity continues. 

Recruitment agencies are more relevant than ever before.  

Staffing challenges across the hospitality, social care, engineering and construction industries are well documented. However, these are not the only industries affected by candidate shortages. For organisations struggling to fill vacancies, a great recruitment company with the right network and expertise is invaluable.  What makes a great recruitment agency?

A large, qualified talent pool. 

In this candidate-driven market, recruiters have trouble finding quality talent looking for full-time jobs. Most are passive – already established in their job or career and not looking to make a change. Because of this supply and demand, competition for candidates is high and recruiters are under pressure more than ever before.  

Recruitment Consultants in 2019

Looking ahead, recruitment consultants (with properly fitting talent pools) will play a vital role in helping companies with staffing and workforce challenges in the coming year. 

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