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System Change is Difficult, Training Can Help

This is the third article in a series outlining the benefits CloudCall brings to its customers through industry-leading integrated communications solutions. Read our first article in the series on voice quality to discover 5 ways CloudCall offers the highest voice quality available and find the second article on must-have updated hardware here.

Let’s face it, no one likes change

When you introduce a new phone system tracking all conversation information, people might start to think that you are trying to “keep tabs on them”. In reality, tracking information can increase accuracy for reporting and improve visibility which benefits everyone using the new system.

Human nature leads people to resist change and transition. As a result, end-users of the new system at your business will require training of the new system to fully understand how to use it and its benefits. It’s easy to increase adoption with hands-on training.

‘Rip off the Band-Aid’ approach fails

Some companies still use the traditional training format: meeting for hours in a conference room. Think of this as the “ripping off the Band-Aid” approach. Sure, this method delivers the training quickly, but does this result in increased employee adoption and productivity? In most cases, this approach fails.

Lecture-based training is not effective in helping employees develop new skills. Although participants pick up theoretical knowledge, they cannot apply the skills they saw during this training. The lack of interaction does not allow users to see how the system works in their everyday workflow.

Self-paced learning traps users

Self-paced learning, offered through external companies and consultants, is a cheap solution for end-user training and adoption. However, understanding external learning takes longer and people lose focus. People don’t always have time available for external training and there’s no way to re-phrase the content to customize the learning environment.

Staff training must-haves

The best results are delivered by face-to-face and video training sessions. Users benefit from having multiple opportunities to learn the system because everyone learns new things differently. Any successful training session should reveal the everyday application of the system, or at least show users how it will simplify their work lives.

What are the must-haves your staff need from training?

  • Trainer led sessions
  • Bite-size videos & guides to refer to anytime
  • Recorded training sessions to refer to anytime
  • Online knowledge base
  • Dedicated support team

Implementation must-haves

What are the measurements of a successful implementation?

  • A change in staff’s work behaviors for better company-aligned performance
  • Communication of unified performance processes
  • Conversation data captured automatically in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software
  • A warm fuzzy feeling inside that you’ve helped develop your staff

…and if you don’t care about that? The warm fuzzy feeling of a successful project.

Successful implementations will provide as little or as much training as you want. At CloudCall, this is provided through the admin portal. CloudCall also provides relevant training on supervisor functions and reporting. End users will also get CloudCall how-to videos and learning guides to refer to anytime.

Want to learn more about CloudCall unified communications and the benefits new technology can bring to your teams? Book a demo with us today.

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