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male on phone working from anywhere

The future of work: working from anywhere part II

By | Work From Anywhere
You’ve probably noticed: the world of work has changed a lot recently. And working from anywhere has kind of become the new normal.

We recently did a deep dive into the future of work and where it may lead. We spoke to people from around CloudCall, as well as the wider technology industry, to ask how a remote world and the rise of automation, will affect people’s work lives.

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male using data capture on pc

Why is data capture important for recruiters?

By | Recruitment, Technology

Data capture is important for your business. Period. But why? Because when a recruiter leaves your business, you don’t want them to take their contacts with them to the competition! So, you need to make sure they are storing candidate information within your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM). This will allow you to continue to nurture candidates even if a recruiter leaves.  

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New year, new tech – How to prepare your recruitment team for the busy year ahead.

By | Communications, Technology

New year means new tech. The start of the new year is the perfect time to invest in new tech and get a head start against your competitors – have a team that works faster and harder with new and improved technology. There are more recruiting tools than ever before to help make the process a bit easier. Looking ahead to 2019, the digital transformation of the recruiting industry could be heavily impacted by AI, blockchain and communication systems – among others.  Read More